NFC East Week 2 Rewind

The NFC East is already set to have a competitive season in 2013, each of them only a game a part from being out of the lead. Week two however, didn’t serve kindly to these NFC East teams.

The Washington Redskins looked to have a rebound week after a disappointing loss to the division rival Philadelphia Eagles. With RG3 at reign, would the Eagles stand in their way? Well, a Green Bay Packers team eager for a win wasn’t going to help Washington’s chances in getting their first win of the season. The Packers put up 38 points in road to victory, putting the Redskins 0-2 to start the new season.

New York’s favorite football team looked for the same thing Washington needed, a win. The Giants were coming off of a week to forget, turning the ball over six times in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys. So what could go wrong when you have Manning on your side?

Well, you could have the wrong Manning. As Manning Bowl 3 was in full swing many didn’t expect the little brother to come away with it, and he didn’t. Coming out of the 41-23 loss against Denver, Eli led the league in interceptions, where as Peyton led the league in touchdowns. With this being the case, the Giants fell to 0-2.

Head coach Chip Kelly
Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly

One of the biggest stories of last week was Chip Kelly’s high octane offense. The head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles looked to have everything rolling as they bulldozed Washington in the week one victory. So as the new-look Philly offense came into San Diego, many were wondering if it would be successful again. It was successful as the Chargers couldn’t find an answer; they allowed the Eagles to score 30 points. Unfortunately enough for Coach Kelly, his defense didn’t do the job, allowing 33 points and a late field goal to give the Chargers the win, putting Philadelphia at 1-1 on the season.

The Dallas Cowboys had plenty of momentum rolling into Kansas City, with six turnovers the previous week, and a win over the division rival New York Giants; they felt like nothing could stop them. Kansas City however, had a different idea. With the Chiefs new QB/Coach duo, they bring a whole new look to the field, and they made Dallas full aware of that. Dontari Poe and the Kansas City Chiefs crippled the Cowboys’ chances of winning by forcing multiple turnovers in the game. None the less, Dallas stayed with them all game long. The final result was 17-16 with the Chiefs defeating Dallas, putting them at 1-1 on the year.

So this week goes to show that all NFC East teams are vulnerable, and it could be anybody’s lead come the late stages. As for now, the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles remain at the top with a record of 1-1.

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