New York Jets select QB Sam Darnold

Dallas, TX-What a start to the NFL Draft, the Browns selected Baker Mayfield, which was a surprised after the Browns traded to get Tyrod Taylor, but the second QB that was picked by the New York Jets was Sam Darnold. Darnold will be a great addition to the Jets because they desperately need a different style QB. They have not had a great QB that can stand in the pocket and throw some precise passes under pressure in a very long time.


What Jets’ fans are projected to get from Darnold is a poised QB that has faced adversity with his deep ball and have impressed a lot of people in his combine debut, but questions have arisen when it comes to him turning the ball over. In the FBS division duirng his career, Darnold was tied with the most turnovers at 22.

The Jets thought he was a great fit because they are remolding their organization and he has that leadership mentality that the Jets need. The Jets are very young and needs a QB that can dictate leadership all around. The Jets have been very inconsistent and have been frustrated at times when they can not get anything done on the offensive side.

Last season the Jets were ranked 24th offensively with 18.6 points per game. With adding Darnold as QB, they could up move up respectively in their division. They have struggled to find chemistry with different Qb’s, so it will be interesting to see how this move will pan out.

This year there have been four QBs that have been picked up and it’s the early round, so the madness of the draft continues.


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