New England Patriots DB Kyle Arrington Presents Triple A Football Camp

New England Patriots‘ defensive back Kyle Arrington is set to present the Triple A Football Camp this Saturday in Brandywine, MD.

“Saturday, July 12 at Gwynn Park High School it’ll be Camp Triple A — myself, Lavar [Arrington] and also JJ Arrington,” Kyle told Pro Player Insiders. “We try to make it a family affair and one of my teammates who is also from the DC area — Tavon Wilson will be there. So it’s just a great day of having fun and working on fundamentals — a little football. We’ll have some football coaches out there at every position teaching up kids. We’ll try to do a little 7-on-7 at that end. So I’m definitely looking forward to it. Just giving back from where it all started — Gwynn Park High School.”

Kyle Arrington, a Gwynn Park High School grad and Maryland native has always wanted to bring a camp back to his old stomping grounds. Arrington loves to give back and he makes it his business to do his part in the community. “It’s just something that’s imperative,” Arrington said of giving back. “I go back to my upbringing. Not only did it take just my parents — but you know, it takes a village to raise kids nowadays. You never want to forget where you came from either. It’s unfortunate that it took so long to get my camp back in Maryland at Gwynn Park. But I’m definitely looking forward to a great time — a great outing and hopefully have more down the line.”

With new studies emerging and parents becoming more skeptical about their children playing football, these camps are helpful in ensuring the game is played safely and correctly. “Don’t get me wrong, football is a dangerous sport — its a violent sport,” said Kyle Arrington. “There’s a lot of studies that say when you start at a later age in life playing football, you’re less [likely] to get these head injuries and head traumas that you get when you’re done playing the game. I was fortunate enough that I didn’t start playing football until I was 12 or 13. But a lot of these kids — they start early now at six, seven years old. But we’re just teaching the fundamentals of the game. The proper ways, at each position, teaching techniques. We’ll try to correct anything that we see wrong.” It’s also worth mentioning that every coach at the camp is “Heads Up Football” certified.

Reflecting on past camps, Kyle Arrington discussed a memorable moment: “I did two camps up in the Boston area — last year and the year before,” he said. “It was this one kid who played football. Ended up getting hurt — paralyzed and he was in a wheelchair — obviously his career was over. We dedicated and took a portion of the proceeds from the camp and created a scholarship for him. So it was definitely a special and touching moment for everybody.

All proceeds are going towards Gwynn Park High School’s football team new uniforms & other equipment as well as local pee wee leagues in the area. For more information on the camp, visit:

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