Myke Darrough; Branding A New Basketball League

Seattle, WA- In the Spring of next year, there will be a new basketball league started, which will be called the World Club Basketball Association International. This organization will help provide educational resources with building and branding players, get players the exposure that they need, and help them excel to greater heights in the world of basketball. Myke Darrough, who is in charge of Marketing and Branding has been very excited with the steps that this organization will bring. The organization will go after HBCU’s and recruit more players from there.


“ I wanted to make sure that players get the information with branding themselves and making sure that they know what they bring to the table. You see a lot of players that go into these different leagues without knowing their worth and they take less on the financial end because they do not know. I want to make sure that the players know what they are doing”, said Darrough.

Basketball has been the forefront of different cultures coming together to unite and work as a team. Basketball has saved a lot of people from doing the wrong things and Darrough expressed how basketball made him into the man that he is today. “Basketball taught me discipline, taught me that it was not just abutting me, but I was playing for a team. I traveled the world and got to see some amazing people, different cultures, and how we all connected with similar situations. We can talk about basketball all day, but in general, Sports have brought different people from different areas together.”

The World Club Basketball Association International will be played like the FIBA league. Commissioner Eric Douglin stated that” The pro league will set an affiliate league between the United States and Europe. This opportunity will give a lot of players exposure on how to play with people overseas, showcase their talents to a bigger league, and give them a platform to utilize. “The goal is for the league to be a direct gateway for American players to get overseas and for overseas players to get to America. Franchises have a buy in the team, which is 25k per team.”

The league has a lot of great plans for their future and Darrough is pretty optimistic about the organization. “ I am very excited to see how the league will progress. It took a lot of hard work, adversity, and determination to make this happen, but I am excited,” said Darrough.

The league will start up Spring of 2019.

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