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Coming to Minneapolis for the big game and looking for something to do? Well this is the post for you, whether you’re a New England Patriots fan or a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl 52 is guaranteed to give you a mini, mid winter vacation you’ve been looking for. The Mall of America is the central hub for media, player, former players, and of course fans. Today we went around the mall asking fans their feedback on Super Bowl 52. Doug, an Eagles fan from Omaha, said this is not his first time traveling for the super bowl. He enjoys the experience Minneapolis has to offer and he’s here for a good time. Doug is not the only one rooting for the eagles this year, I talked to Philadelphia native Chris and he is ready for his team to prevail, while wearing his Eagles jersey. He says the NFL Experience, located at the Minneapolis Convention Center in downtown Minneapolis, has been fun, being able to be apart of the festivities that are going on right now is the best part.


Dubbed the Bold North, Minneapolis has everything prepared for those traveling near, far and wide to the super bowl this week. Many people are concerned about the weather, but Minneapolis.org has many ways to keep warm while still having fun. From ice sculptures in St. Paul to zip lining across the Mississippi guest will be entertained their entire stay. The Mall of America is the go to place to have fun, eat, shop, and to see your favorite player. With the largest indoor amusement park in the country, MoA is a one stop shop for those traveling with multiple people. If you’re looking for food 5-8 club is the place to go for the original juicy lucy, a Minneapolis staple. A juicy lucy is two beef patties separated with cheese, on a toasted bun served with french fries and coleslaw. Now, I’ve tried this and it is definitely not your typical cheeseburger, make sure you have extra napkins. Music fans, The legendary singer Prince also has a main attraction in Minneapolis. Paisley Park, located in Chanhassen, Minnesota just 20 minutes outside of Minneapolis is a must see. See where Prince recorded his many hits and created his amazing costumes on this extraordinary estate. Last but not least, ice skating! There is an outdoor ice rink in lake of the isles, that’s just a short walk from uptown Minneapolis.  Uptown Minneapolis is great for a quick bite to eat or a round of bowling on west lake street at Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theater. Wherever you decide you are sure to have a good time, just don’t forget to stay bundled up, especially if you’re taking Minneapolis’ extensive metro systems.

For more information, Minneapolis.org has everything you need.

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