Mike Shanahan: “RGIII Can’t Keep Taking Shots”

After last year’s successes in Washington, don’t think that head Coach Mike Shanahan is going to completely go away from the read-option that his team utilizes. However, the Redskins offense might feature a different look after rookie sensation Robert Griffin III suffered a serious knee injury against Seattle in last year’s Playoffs. Shanahan was adamant in stressing that his franchise player has got to be more careful on the field.

“He [RGIII] can’t keep taking hits,” Shanahan said.

The Redskins coach also mentioned that it would be entirely on Griffin to adapt his playing style and avoid some of these unnecessary big hits that he has taken. Though the dynamic Griffin can make plays with his feet, Shanahan would prefer he “learn to slide or throw the ball away.”

While not a lot will change in D.C. this upcoming season, Washington will have to seriously contemplate changing their scheme. While the read-option is actually designed to slow defenders from getting into the backfield, RGIII actually sustained a number of hits as a result of his play outside of pocket on QB-runs. Griffin also took a brutal shot on a designed trick play last season.

For Washington to continue to have success, the team will need #10 under center for sixteen games a season. Though, backup Kirk Cousins has shown he can produce, the loss of a dual-threat player of Griffin’s caliber can cripple a dynamic offense. As the team looks to build on a year that lead a Playoff appearance, don’t think Mike Shanahan isn’t mulling over a creative solution.

As the head coach himself put it, “we don’t have to run the option, but [they] have to prepare for it.”


*Video via NFL.com

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