Megan and Chase Blackburn, from Small Town to the Big Show

Well friends and fashionistas, I apologize for my brief hiatus.  After the Championship games are played each year, my life turns into organized chaos for 2 weeks.  The second it looks like their team has won the championship game (even if the game isn’t over!) fashionistas from that team begin to call, e-mail, Facebook and text me non-stop to get their orders in before the big game.

The night of the Championship games, I was in church and happened to forget my phone in the charger at home.  I returned to at least 15 e-mails, texts and phone calls from just the first two hours after the games ended!  And even the Wednesday before the game, I was still getting requests for orders designed, created and shipped in time for Super Bowl Sunday!  So forgive me for my absence, but I’m sure I couldn’t have even thought straight enough to complete a coherent and logical sentence last week anyway… ha ha.

One of the aforementioned fashionistas was my longtime client Megan Blackburn, the lovely wife of 7 year veteran Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn.  Megan had the wardrobe for her and her two little boys, Landyn (18 months) and Bentley (3 months) planned out before the sun came up on the Monday after the championship game!  And it is a good thing for her that she did!  When you are a mom of two under-two, your most productive hours are after the sun goes down and before it rises!

A lot of people have the idea that professional athletes date and marry models, actresses and cheerleaders, when in reality only a very small minority do.  In my 16 years in and around the league with my husband, I have found that more often than not the players are married to high school or college sweethearts.  And this is the case with Megan and Chase as well.

Megan and Chase are from the same hometown in Ohio, about 20 minutes outside of Columbus, and began dating in high school when Megan was a freshman and Chase a senior.  After many years of dating, Chase planned a very elaborate proposal on their high school football field.  But after weeks of having the ring “burning a hole in his pocket” he finally proposed impromptu to Megan at 1 in the morning on Friday the 13th (this was a sign of things to come) on their couch.

The following year they were married, even though Megan broke her foot 3 days before the wedding and Chase contracted pink eye.  Despite Megan not getting to wear her Christian Louboutins on her big day and Chase’s conjunctivitis, they have been happily married since 2008.

Chase has been with the Giants for all his 7 years in the league, although after the lockout, the Giants didn’t resign him until the end of November, which was a blessing in disguise.  With the birth of their second son on November 1st, Megan had some complications and Chase’s help was very much needed.

As any professional athlete’s wife knows, if you give birth during the season DO NOT EXPECT much help at all from your man.  You barely see them as it is, and when they are home they are “exhausted” as well.  (Although this was the case for me after I had my second baby, too, and my husband had already retired…not sure what his excuse was then!)

Since re-signing with the Giants he has started every game and been playing “lights out” and having a phenomenal season.

Bella Artistry was represented at this year’s Super Bowl by approximately 60 different clients, and Megan was the one that I was looking for in the stands and on the field!

May God bless each and every player with an injury free and well-played game.

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