Meet the Buffalo Jills’ Pro Bowler, Emily!

Emily auctioning herself as a caddy at the Jills 2011 Golf Tournament

Selecting players to the Pro Bowl is a process that includes voting from fans, players, and the coaches. When it comes to the cheerleaders, each of the 26 squads sends 1 representative and the selection process varies from squad to squad. In Buffalo, the Jills select a small group of girls who have to learn a routine from the previous year’s Pro Bowl. After they learn and perform the routine in front of their squadmates, a vote is taken among the girls on the squad and a Pro Bowl representative is selected. This year, 4th year vet and 1st year captain Emily came out on top of a group that included 3rd year vets Melissa and Jenny and 2nd year vet Alyssa K.

Emily’s journey to the Pro Bowl started when she was a little girl getting involved in dance. One of her great loves in dance is ballet and while many pro cheerleaders put aside dancing in a studio due to time constraints, Emily has continued her ballet even into her Jills years complete with recitals.

Emily at her 1st draft party as a Jill
Emily at her 1st draft party as a Jill

While it’s rare for pro cheerleaders to keep up with dance studio work, it’s fitting for Emily since she now has a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance and is planning on a career in dance. Eventually she’s hoping to open her own dance studio but before that would like to get a job where she can travel the world, like maybe with a Broadway-type show that tours. As it is, she’s already gotten to spend time in Tokyo, as part of a group of NFL Cheerleaders who went there to visit the troops a year ago.

Emily is calling it a career after this season and it’s hard to imagine a much better way to go out than to get to go to Hawaii and cheer in the Pro Bowl. Read more about Emily at

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