Meet 49ers Mrs. Desmond Bishop

Love is not just one day of the year. Love is shown everyday. Love is a commitment to understanding. Love is compromise. Love is leaving your ego at the door.

Regardless of the fact that you may have a different definition of love; these are the words NFL wife Mrs. Desmond Bishop used to explain her marriage.

She is probably not the only woman that believes Valentine’s Day should come around many times a year in a relationship. Bishop believes it is not about spending insane amounts of money on flowers, a fancy dinner, a sparkly new ring, it’s about  showing someone that they are the center of your world…often.indian-wedding-fusion-ceremony-bride-groom

Since 2007 Greeta Bishop has been showing Mr. Bishop he is the center of her world.  The two have lived in 4 cities since being selected by Green Bay in the sixth round (192nd overall) of the 2007 NFL Draft. He spent six seasons with the Packers (2007-12) before signing with the Vikings in 2013. After one season with the Vikings, Bishop signed with the Cardinals on August 14, 2014 and now is fortunate to call San Francisco home again.

Bishop (6-2, 244) has played in 73 games (27 starts) and registered 318 tackles, 9.0 sacks, one interception, seven forced fumbles and nine passes defensed in his career. He has also added 53 special teams tackles, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery on specials teams.desmond-bishop_opxc-5637-mid

A 30-year-old native of Fairfield, CA, Bishop played collegiately at the University of California, where he earned First-Team All-Pac-10 honors as a senior. He began his collegiate career at the City College of San Francisco and was named the California Junior College Player of the Year in 2004.5_3

Throughout this journey Greetta Bishop has been by her man. Theresa Villano of Pro Player Insiders caught up with her to dive deeper into her life as an NFL wife.2014-12-28_18.23.02

Pro Player Insiders: We have to start by asking about the obvious…what have you been up to? What is like being an NFL wife with a husband in the league for 8 years? How has it changed?

Geeta Bishop: In my opinion it takes a special type of women to be a wife of a professional athlete. They are constantly traveling and working toward their goals. It can be amazing at times and stressful at times, it’s part of the territory the highs and lows.
PPI: What are your thoughts on the 2014-’15 season for the 49ers?  What do you hope for them with the new coach?

GB: Players and coaches change all the times many times you get close to them and they move on, unfortunately its part of the business.

PPI: What was your favorite moment of the season?

GB: My favorite moment of the season was when myself and the baby attended the first game all season. Desmond was able to hold him on the field and take a few pics.


Woman of the Month…

PPI: We want to get to know you. Describe yourself in one sentence.

GB: I am a work in progress and strive to be a better daughter, sisters,wife and mother each and every day!Bishop

PPI: Tell me a little about your passions outside of supporting your husband’s NFL career?

GB:  I am passionate about a show I have been trying to take to a national level, called The Better Half. It is a show which empowers women and bring NFL wives and professional athletes together. We want to show the support we give and receive from each other.

PPI: What projects or work have you been focused on recently that we can look forward to?

GB:  I continued to work on The Better Half in its fourth season in Wisconsin, it has done extremely well. I strive to take the show to the next level with great and smart women.


PPI: In addition to work, you do some philanthropy. Tell us more about your families work in the community.

GB:  We do a youth camp for over 300 kids each year and also give out 3-5 scholarships a year to the underprivileged youth who have opportunities to go to college. It’s a wonderful way to support the community.

PPI: Tell me about the role faith has played in your life.

GB:  Through God I believe all things are possibly. Everything that happens good or bad it was meant to happen and I just follow the path God and my faith leads my family and myself on.

PPI: How did you meet Desmond?

GB:  Desmond and myself met the last day of high school. We have a fairytale meeting, we wrote a book about our lives called Life Actually.


PPI: How many years have you been married?

GB:  We dated for about 10 years before getting married. Long ten years living apart and only living together once a we were married.

PPI: What was your favorite moment watching your #44 play?

GB:  Each and every time I see Desmond play the sport he was born to play it melts my heart. I have always been a Desmond Bishop fan And will continue to be all my life regardless of what team or number.


PPI: Which of your husbands former teammates have you remained close to?

GB:   We spent most of Desmond’s career thus far in Green Bay and even went to Super Bowl with the Packers, so most of our friends are still in Green Bay and some have moved to different teams.

You live in San Fran so we have to hit you with the PPI San Fran FIRE 5:

Best Restaurant? Crustacean

Favorite place to shop? Macy’s

Go to tourist attraction? Pier 39

Favorite current 49ers player? My husband of course.

Best thing about 49ers Nation? Their supporting fans


Being a wife…

PPI: Has there been a fellow NFL wife you have looked up to or bonded with. If so, who? Tell me about her.

GB:  There have been so many wives that have inspired me in so many ways. Too many to name but they know who they are. Some of these women have inspired me through their work ethic, their business sense, their kind character and their constant fight to help others and the community through charity work. Really each and every women I have met within the teams we have been on have inspired or taught me something in life.IMG_20150205_180121

PPI: Is there a wife or family you connected with in the Niner’s family? We haven’t met many because I had a new baby I didn’t want to go to too many games.

PPI: Tell us about your children. Are there a couple words to describe each of them.

GB:  We have 1 son, Desmond Dhesh Bishop II, and the best word for him is LOVE. Everything about him is love, he’s the best of everything in life. So glad God gave me the opportunity to love him.

This year the Bishops will be apart for Valentines day, as Desmond trains in Minnesota for the upcoming season, but it’s apparent their love is shown on days that aren’t just marked as an American holiday.


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