Looking Back and Moving Forward

The NFL Draft is a special time of year for the select few who are lucky enough to take the next step in their football career. The NFL draft signifies the first day into their future, a time for reflection, and optimism for what is to come. Following the two plus years, these prospects spent at their various schools they made friends, created memories, and left a lasting legacy. Moving on to the next stage these same prospects look to continue this at the next level, as they once again will be the new guys on the block just trying to find their way. Pro Player Insider was able to catch up with some of the draft’s top prospects and ask them about their college career and their hopes and aspirations moving forward.

Malik McDowell, Michigan State

NCAA Football: Indiana at Michigan State

Looking back at college:
“Really just my college teammates, my coaches, it’s really just a good time in college. I’m not really going to miss the college thing and everything, it was just good times living with your guys and really just the last chance of that, a last (hurrah)”

Looking Forward:
“New competition, really figuring out the game again. Starting to learn the game all over, it’s always next level, the new level of play you got to change up the level of play too.”

Cam Robinson, Alabama


Looking back at college:
“I think more than anything my teammates, you know our locker room was an extremely close-knit group. That along with the fans that you know are so dedicated to us and have been supporting us through everything. I think just my teammates and the fans, and I will miss the University. “

Looking Forward:
“Just competing at that high level, I’m a competitor man, I just love to compete. I want to compete against the best and obviously, in the NFL you are going to get the best. So I think that is one of the things I am going to look forward to. They (Teams) should know they are going to be getting a tough and relentless player 100% on each and every play.”

Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 17 James Madison at North Carolina

Looking back at college:
“Definitely my teammates, going to miss my teammates the most, especially my roommates and some of my best friends and fans at North Carolina. It was a very special place to me being in Chapel Hill, and I am going to miss that but I got to take the next step in my career and I know they are going to support me all the way. That’s the beautiful thing about it. But definitely going to miss my teammates… Just spending time with my best friends, my brothers off the field, coming over to our house, hanging out, and the Pitt game last year at home. Just really every home game that we played in front of the Carolina blue, Carolina nation, it was just an awesome experience.”

Looking Forward:
“Just taking the next step and proving myself. Coming into whatever franchise picks me and helping them win, when I go in to help and compete and help them win Super Bowls, I am very excited to do that.”

Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado


Looking back at college:
“The people, the roommates, and the grind. You go on that field every day with the same common goal, it is hard some days, some days it is easier but just being in there together with your guys. Just going to miss being in there in that grind with those specific guys, those teammates. “

Looking Forward:
“It has been my dream so you know so you know just being able to be here is enough for me. Having the opportunity to go is enough for me. You know when I get there I am not going to have any expectations I am just going to put my head down and grind, try to do the best that I can to be legendary, that’s my goal to be legendary.”

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