Live Blog: 2015 NFL Draft

The longest season in football is draft season. It starts as soon as your favorite team takes their last snap and never seems to end. There is the Senior Bowl, the combine, mock drafts, trade rumors, television specials, podcasts. Whatever it is, people never seem to get tired of talking about the draft.

All of that if just about over. In a few hours, the Roger Goodell will step to the podium (probably get booed) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will likely make the first pick. During the draft I will be here to comment on the happenings, cheer for the best case scenario for “my” New Orleans Saints and of course mock the decisions of the rest of the NFC South. I will probably watch the draft on ESPN. I don’t think they do a better job than the NFL Network does, but I have always watched on ESPN. Also, we have two NHL and NBA playoff games to talk about. PPI has a team live at the draft and my dog Colston always seems to have a great feel for the later picks.

Anyway, while we wait here is a link to a podcast I did earlier this week with Chris Burke from Sports Illustrated and Jenny Vrentas from theMMQB. Burke is SI’s resident draft expert and we talk about why he thinks the quarterbacks will go first and second, explains why he thinks the Saints will take a WR and a pass rusher in round one, and names Jacksonville as the team that has the most leverage to swing the first round in one direction or another. Burke also talks about guys in the draft with red flags, the depth at receiver an explains that the draft is deep but doesn’t have the top end talent that last year’s draft did.

Jenny Vrentas talked about her time in Buffalo working on a Sports Illustrated cover story about Rex Ryan. Jenny explains why she didn’t eat her chicken wings, reveals that she was surprised to learn about Rex buying a house in Nashville, and explains why she thinks Rex was a good hire despite his focus on defense. Jenny also talks about spending time with Bills hall of fame player Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas. Jenny explains why they were upset when Doug Marrone quit, explains why they are so optimistic about Rex helping the Bills make the playoffs, and even talks about the draft for a few minutes before saying goodbye.

I will be back in a few hours to watch the draft with you.


LIVE BLOG (Posted from newest to oldest)


The Patriots end the first round picking DT Malcolm Brown. The commissioner announces the pick about 15 minutes after it was turned in. They stretch this thing out probably a half an hour more than they need to.

That’s it for the first round and the end of the live blog. We will be back for some tomorrow. I hope you come back.


The Packers select Demarious Randall from Arizona St. Mel loves the pick.

The Saints select Stephone Anthony a LB from Clemson. I don’t know much about him but at least he could, in theory, help the team next year. I would have taken a risk here. I couldn’t have been further off the page that Loomis/Payton are on tonight. They get paid the big bucks to do this so I will try my best to trust them. They still have 3 picks tomorrow. It just feels like they needed to hit a home run in this draft and I doubt they did that.


Ian Rapoport says that the Patriots pick is in. That means all the picks have been made by 11:15. What time will it be by the time the rest of the picks are announced?


The Colts select WR Phillip Dorsett from Miami. FAST. Andre Luck must be happy his team is putting guys around him that can make plays. It’s too bad the Saints didn’t do the same for Drew Brees.

The Packers are next and then the Saints can piss me off again.

If Randy Gregory doesn’t go to the Packers here the Saints HAVE to pick him. They need someone to who can make an impact next season.


The Lions select Laken Tomlinson the son of LaDainian Tomlinson.* Like Breshard Perriman, he is the first human I have ever heard of named Laken. I sort of like it though.

*This was a lie that I made up.


I had that pick right. Only because I thought they might go DB and I looked to see who the best available DB was.

This is a really boring first round. No trades. No players with buzz left late for someone to trade back in and grab. The Saints embarrassed themselves.

Five picks left.


The Ravens pick Breshard Perrmian the son of a former Saints player. He is also the first human being I have ever heard of named Breshard. The last time that the Ravens picked a WR in the first round it was Oklahoma WR, Mark Clayton.

The Cowboys are up and with no running backs on the board my guess is DB. Maybe Byron Jones from UConn?


Thomas Davis might be a Panther, but he is a good guy.

Shaq Thompson is a guaranteed bust in Carolina. I heard that he might refuse to sign and re-enter the draft next year (I didn’t really hear this).

But seriously, what position does he play??? I thought I was rattled. Panthers fans have to be furious.


The Cardinals pick D.J. Humphries. I was hoping he might slip to 31 so the Saints could pick another LT that they don’t need.


The Panthers are up. They had their pick in before ESPN even had their logo up. This is going to be a bust pick.


That is huge for Shane Ray. Weed is legal in Colorado (I am sure everyone is all over this joke but it was the first thing I thought of when he was picked).

I am not crazy about this guy. Its not the mistake as much as it is the timing of it. How do you screw up so close to the draft?


I wasn’t crazy about Dupree at 13 but I am sure the Steelers are happy to get him at 22. The defense has lost some key guys to retirement so upgrading it was an obvious priority.

The Broncos have traded with the Lions and will pick next. Is there an OT that the Broncos feel like they need to move up to get?


The Bengals pick Cedric Ogbuehi another first round guy who has an ACL injury. Remember when an ACL was a career ending thing? There can’t be much of a chance that this guy plays this year. I don’t think the Bengals are good enough to pick a guy that is going to red shirt.


Nelson Agholor didn’t go to Oregon but he did play in the Pac-12. I think that makes a lot of sense for the Eagles. I studied him when I thought the Saints might actually try to improve the team tonight and a ton of reports compared him to Jeremy Maclin.


The Eagles are up and their pick is in. They try to select Marcus Mariota but they are told he has already been selected. It happened just the same way your brother-in-law does it at every single fantasy draft.

That means 20 picks are in. We have 12 left.

I hate the Saints. The Falcons probably got the best player in the draft. No overtime in New York. No one is reading this anyway. My dog went to sleep. I need some ice cream.


So much for overtime hockey in New York. Joel Ward just scored the hockey equivalent of a buzzer beater and the Capitals score with about a second left on the clock.

The Browns select a guard named Cameron Erving from Florida St. I will admit, I know absolutely nothing about Cameron Erving.


Marcus Peters gets picked by the Chiefs. I love this pick. I think he is the best corner in the draft. They got a steal because he got in an argument with a coach and got kicked off the Washington team. The good news for the Chiefs is that they don’t employ that coach. Peters needs to grow up a bit but I think that was a steal.

So, where does that leave Gregory and Ray?

I am still so rattled. So rattled.


The Rangers have tied it in New York and the 49ers have picked Arik Armstead. He is a massive human.

I am still so rattled.


I am still so rattled. So rattled.

The Texans select Kevin Johnson who will be busy balancing his duties as the mayor of Sacramento and NFL football player.

Peters is still my favorite corner in the draft but I get why he is falling.


The Cowboys sat around and watched the two running backs go off of the board. Now what?


Finally, a trade. The Chargers move up and I assume they will pick Gordon.

This draft has been very boring so far. I am a miserable blogger after that Saints pick. It would be nice if the Rangers could tie this hockey game and we could at least get some overtime hockey tonight.


The Dolphins are laughing at the Saints are are sprinting to the podium to pick the guy the Saints should have, Parker.

I know OL isn’t sexy. It’s not that. We are set at LT and locked into our guards. Peat isn’t going to make the team any better next year. Terrible.



Yuck. Peat was a guy that doesn’t excite me at all. If they wanted to go offense they should have picked a WR. Kiper hates it and so do I. He won’t help is next year. He should have stayed in college. This has bust all over it.

I hate this pick.

I want to stop the blog.


The Browns pick DT Danny Shelton.

That means that Parker is there for the Saints if they want them. I know that they wanted to improve the defense but we have 4 more picks between now and 50.

Pull the trigger Mickey!!!

Please not Dupree.


The Vikings Trae Waynes. I think Marcus Peters is the best DB in the draft but I understand that it’s hard to draft a guy at 11 that was kicked off his college team.

The Browns are up and then the Saints have their first pick. My heat rate is officially rising. I hope the Browns don’t take DeVante Parker. I want the Saints to be forced to at least consider the guy that some rated as the top WR in the draft.

I really don’t want the Saints to take Bud Dupree. Why does it feel like this draft is headed towards the Saints selecting Bud Dupree?


Todd Gurley! I didn’t think he would be a top 10 pick but I am glad his knee injury didn’t drop him as much as we all thought when it happened. He could have shut his season down after his suspension last year but he came back to play with his teammates. I give him a lot of credit. I am glad the Rams gave him a chance.

Gruden, “This is a great pick.”

The top 10 is over and I won the contest with 4 out of 10 correct. I thought I would do better than that. Regardless, I win the deep tissue massage from @mellissa_ppi. Huge prize.


Goodell hustled that pick up quicker than I thought he would. Kiper called Flowers a reach and Gruden gushed over it. Gruden gushes over every single pick. If your team makes a pick and Gruden craps on it you will probably cry yourself to sleep tonight.

The Rams are up next. I linked them to Peat before the draft and I will stick with that.


The Falcons pick Vic Beasley. I was hoping they would reach on one of the running backs. This is the first guy off the board that many had linked to the Saints and I’m not crushed to see him off the board. This seems like a reach. The reason it didn’t excite me when he was linked to the Saints was because it felt like a reach at 13. Anyway, I’m done with the Falcons.

The Giants are up. The pick is already in. Beasley is still on the stage with the commish so it probably won’t be announced until 9:45. The Giants are interesting. They had to be crushed when the Redskins stole the OL they wanted. I bet they still go that way. Maybe Peat or Flowers.

Still no trades. Teams being too greedy? No value for teams to move up? Don’t ask me, I’m just the guy writing a blog that only my wife and mother are reading.


Kevin White goes to the Bears and gets a huge pop from the fans in Chicago. White was also featured on that AOL documentary and he was very likable. He absolutely destroyed Oklahoma earlier in the season.

The Falcons are up and I would be shocked if they don’t reach and end up with a bust.


The Jets get an absolute steal in Williams at 6. They don’t have much talent on offense though. Just guessing, but I bet Williams was #1 on the Jets board and they just couldn’t pass him up at 6.

This worked out perfectly for the Bears. Kevin White is there for them to replace Brandon Marshall.


Wait, what?

Williams is on the board and the Redskins take Brandon Scherff? Alright. There is nothing wrong with picking a franchise left tackle with the fifth pick but if he converts to guard I probably would have rather had Williams.


Maybe this is an obvious question, but if the pick is in why does it take Goodell so long to announce it?

The Raiders pick Cooper. I really like the nucleus of young players that the Raiders are putting together. I would be really excited if I were a Raiders fan.

The Redskins should be sprinting to the podium to pick Williams.


I am a little surprised that the Jaguars went with Fowler and not Leonard Williams. AOL had a documentary series that aired this week and Williams really wanted to be the first defensive player drafted. I know he is disappointed right now.

The Raiders already have their pick in. I will be surprised if it’s not Cooper.


ESPN made a point to say that the first hour of the draft would have limited commercials and we are already at a commercial after two picks. #Fail

UPDATE: They now say it will be commercial free for the rest of the hour.

Ian Rapoport says that the Jaguars didn’t receive a call for a trade. I am a little surprised no one has tried to sneak up yet. There were some reports that the Falcons might try to move up from 8.


The Titans don’t make a trade and pick Mariota. Like Mort and Shefter have said, this doesn’t mean that they couldn’t trade him. I doubt it though.

This is where it starts to get interesting. What do the Jaguars want to do? When I talked to Chris Burke for my podcast earlier in the week he looked at the Jaguars as the team who’s pick would cause the most dominos to fall from that point forward.

They didn’t waste much time though. The pick is already in.


The Buccaneers make what we all assumed official and draft, James Winston.
The contest was a total bust. We had 0 entries. This confirms my suspicion that I am blogging to myself.
Now it gets interesting. What will the Titans do?


You could always drop an entry in the comments as well. I should have thought of that. I have the draft on TV1, Rangers vs. Capitals on TV2. Colston is chilling next to me and the wife is in the shower. Pictures will follow (not of the shower, sorry).

To get this started I am going to take a quick shot at the top 10. I would be shocked if we get through the top 10 without a trade or two but I’m not going to try and predict that. If you want to share your top 10 you can tweet it to me @sports_casters or @playerinsiders. You can also email me at the Whoever matches the most names to the specific spot will win a prize. I have no idea what that might be, but I am sure @melissa_PPI has something that will blow your mind. I can post some of your top 10′s on the blog

1. Tampa- Jameis Winston
2. Titans- Marcus Mariota
3. Jaguars- Leonard Williams
4. Raiders- Amari Cooper
5. Redskins- Vic Beasly
6. Jets- Dante Fowlers
7. Bears- Kevin White
8. Falcons- Bud Dupree (likely bust)
9. Giants- Brandon Scherff
10. Rams- Andrus Peat

Get your entries in- @sports_casters, @playerinsiders, or

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