Lebron Still Interested in the NFL?

NBA star Lebron James made news earlier this week, Tweeting back and forth with NFL coaches and ESPN reporters about the possibility of playing in the NFL, and today he is attending the game of the week – Sunday’s matchup of the 4-1 San Francisco 49ers with the 5-0 Detroit Lions.

The Miami Heat star was an All State wide receiver in high school, and he worked out with his high school football team two weeks ago.  Earlier this week, he Tweeted an exchange about the deadline for signing NFL free agents and then had a humorous exchange with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, ending with Carroll sending a picture of a Seahawks jersey with Lebron’s first name on it.

The odds are very slim that James would endanger his career as one of the top players in the NBA to try football, where he’d be putting an even bigger target on his back than he did when he held a one hour special to announce that he was going to Miami last summer.  But it is interesting to think about a 5-foot-11 cornerback trying to cover a  6-foot-9, 250-pound receiver with James athletic ability.

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