Knicks and Nets team up for Atmos, Pink+ Dolphin

As Kenyon Martin greeted fans by signing autographs and snapping pictures at Atmos apparel store he kept peeking over at the wide array of rare and vibrant sneakers on display.

He turned over to his assistant before muttering “Third row, fourth from the left. Size 14.”

Martin and Brooklyn Nets center Andray Blatche dropped their inner city rivalry to stop by the famous Harlem shoe store on Thursday January, 23, located on 125th and Adam Clayton Powell blvd, to support the up-and-coming fashion company, Pink+ Dolphin.

“I’m out here to support a local brand. They’ve reached out to support my foundation, so it’s the least I could do to come out here and show some love,” Martin told Pro Player Insiders.

Martin is currently nursing tendonitis in his left ankle that will keep him out of the struggling (15-27) New York Knicks’ lineup, while Blatche and the rest of his Nets’ teammates have surged in 2014, getting off to an 8-1 start since the New Year.

“I’m big on fashion and clothes, definitely shoes,” the Brooklyn big man said. “But anytime I can show my face in the community I’m down for it.”

Pink+ Dolphin is a clothing line embodying exclusivity. The founders’ vision was to create a clothing line where every piece was limited to keep from saturation on the streets. Rooted mainly in California with stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco and their clothing in over 200 stores worldwide, Pink+ Dolphin has set their sights on New York.image_2

Currently you can find Pink+ Dolphin apparel in New York at Vinnies Styles (239 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn), Platform (209 E Fordham Dr in the Bronx) and Goliath (175 E 105th in Manhattan).

“We really wanted to give back to the community and do a meet and greet with the fans, but to also give back to Kenyon and Andray’s charity. We’re donating money to their charities and we’ll be sponsoring Keyon’s youth basketball summer camp in Dallas,” Ryan Radford, Pink Dolphin’s director of marketing, said.

The Kenyon Martin Foundation was created to help twofold: 1) to provide support to teenagers who become parents as well as assisting families without father figures and; 2) to provide life changing opportunities to underserved youths.

“I was given an opportunity to do what I love, play basketball, and I hope to give other children opportunities to do what they love as well,” Martin said. “My goal is to do what I can to change things for them and let them know that no matter where you come from you can always succeed.”

The Andray Blatche Foundation, founded in 2009, strives to have all children receive the basic physical, emotional and educational tools required to succeed as members of their communities, specifically, and as members of our society. ABF commits time and resources to minister to children in the most underserved neighborhoods through a variety of outreach programs.

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