Kenny Stills, More Than Just a Pierced Tweeting Face

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Kenny Stills has in the last few years gained as much notoriety for his tattoos, piercings, hair, and Twitter feed as he has for his play on the field. As the son of six year pro hard-hitting safety Ken Stills Sr., Kenny Stills Jr. was introduced to the game when he was very young.

“I bring a high knowledge of the game; I have been watching film with my dad since I was about 3. My football IQ is something I’m very proud of.” When asked what other things he could bring to a team he offered, “My greatest asset is the way I run my routes, what I bring to the table is my attention to detail. I’m very disciplined, always was, growing up my dresser drawers had to be color coordinated.”

Stills explained how he made his way from Oceanside CA. to Norman OK,  “The coaches are what lead to me choosing OU. Coach Jay Norvell helped Bradford, Broyles, and Murray to make it to the league. In our offense, I had to be a complete receiver and I bring that with me. I have speed, hands and I can block.”

Kenny recalled his favorite block as; “That 90 yard touchdown run against Texas, I threw the block that sprang it.”

Stills made it clear he has no preference of teams, he just wants a chance to play.  However, his father has other ideas, “My dad is convinced that the Packers are going to draft me.”  But Stills just wants to show he is a great athlete and a “natural hands catcher” also he believes he can run very fast, “I ran a 4.3 in high school, I’d like to be in that range.”

When asked about the controversy regarding his tweeted criticism of Blackmon, Stills explained, “I thought people took what I said on Twitter the wrong way( “All he does is run sloppy routes and body people up”)I was trying to be critical but not derogatory, and I didn’t put it well.”

If Kenny Stills Jr. continues to hone his craft and be coachable there’s no reason to believe he can’t one day be known more for his play than his tattoos, piercings, Twitter feed, and famous father.  He’ll be known as highly skilled wide receiver, and that will likely be enough.

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