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The Saints are in the playoffs! Let’s go #84!

In reflecting on my son’s rookie season and this new chapter in our families’  life I can say it has been so surreal. There has been times that it is hard to believe that I am in New Orleans or even in California at home watching my son play on an NFL field. I have always known he would be there but it has all happen so fast. It’s so exciting, and nerve racking at the same time. Watching my son score his first TD and the touchdowns since, they have filled me with so much joy.

Saints Kenny Stills

It’s hard to put into words the feelings of an NFL mom, but the overwhelming feeling of pride is what may describe it best. I just am very proud of him. There has not been a moment from the time he was growing in my tummy that I didn’t think that he would not be successful but his hard work has paid off.

I love traveling to Nola for the games. It is an amazing sight to see the love that the people of New Orleans have for their team. The holidays this year has been quite different. For Thanksgiving this year Kenny and I helped give out food to those families in need. Then came home to a home cooked meal that his sister and I prepared for the three of us. It was actually very difficult because for the last 3 years I had been cooking for 30 or 40 young college men from University of Oklahoma where Kenny played. The guys who had no where to go for Thanksgiving would come by and eat my cooking! I can say it was much more relaxing but just very different. I will be traveling to Nola for Christmas so I can spend it with my son. Although, we normally spend Christmas eve at our home in San Diego with family and friends.

Annette Delao displays her son's (Kenny Stills, Saints)  first NFL touchdown in her San Diego, CA home
Annette Delao displays her son’s (Kenny Stills, Saints) first NFL touchdown in her San Diego, CA home.

A great family tradition we have is that Kenny plays Santa. Believe it or not he gives out gifts to his nieces and nephew  as Santa on Christmas day. But this year it was only be Kenny and I in New Orleans due to his football schedule. None the less celebrated an amazing season and Super Bowl hopes with the Saints.

From our family to yours Happy 2014 ! God Bless NOLA Nation.

Stay tuned for my reflections as Momma Turf Talk  following my son Kenny Stills in the playoffs and offseason with the Saints. Who dat!

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