Katy Perry Generates Excitement for Highly Anticipated Halftime Performance

Katy Perry has been selected to perform during halftime at Super Bowl XLIX and is clearly looking forward to putting on a great show; but who said that show had to wait until Sunday ? Perry – wearing a dress with footballs printed all over it delivered multiple comedic anecdotes during her press conference Thursday Katy Perryafternoon. She was playful, joyous and lighthearted. She also provided the best line of the day when she went full-on Beast Mode on reporters saying,

 “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

But Perry did something that Lynch would never do – speak with the media in excess of 15 minutes.

Perry also referenced “deflate-gate” when she quipped that nothing would be flat about her halftime performance.

She also promised sharks, lions and “appropriate sexiness” during her halftime show. Perry subsequently announced that Lenny Kravitz would be performing with her as a “surprise guest”. Well I suppose the cat is out of the bag now.

When asked if the show will be performed live, Perry said,

“I’ve been designing this show for months, it’s a larger than life show. I’ve collaborated on everything. There is not a diamond on a shoe that has not gone past my eyes. I’m so prepared for this show that I even had time for Netflix the other night.”

When asked what she would like to accomplish with her halftime performance, Perry said,

“I just hope at the end of the day over 100 million people are smiling in unison.”

Perry effortlessly made a room full of reporters laugh during Thursday’s press conference. If her halftime performance remotely resembles the jovial nature of her press conference, she will likely achieve her goal.

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