Jets Run to Chargers

Chargers take their thirds, in the W column taking down the Jaguars, 33-14, third consecutive win and at the Q, as they host their third home game Sunday at 3-1 vs. the 1-3 NY Jets. Thirds are also in, as injuries compile in San Diego, pink and awareness brought to not just the field, but to the community, a broadcast appearance nationwide and even the third AFC Player of the Week awarded along with one more for the month, a theme of trios for the Bolts. Pink scattered all over as you all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 187246aeverywhere including fields all over football stadiums in the NFL, college and high school, players are clad in pink cleats, bands, gloves, its safe to say that pink is in abundance. However in San Diego, the Chargers have taken it one step further for the second year at the Q and quadrupled their efforts on a one of a kind event joining forces with Susan G. Komen giving free mammograms and breast exams to all in attendance that would be 700. Big props filled with applause to the Chargers Organization on going above and beyond with such an amazing event.

“Look at the pink house the Chargers built here today for the women of San Diego,” said Susan G. Komen Executive Director Laura Farmer Sherman.  “We expect 1,000 women will show up here today to get a free mammogram.  If anything is found on that mammogram, the Chargers and Susan G. Komen will step in to pay for everything that that women need.  (From) biopsies, MRI’s, ultrasounds, surgery, meal delivery if she has chemotherapy and free chemotherapy; everything that she needs.  That’s the power of pink.  The Chargers are the only NFL team taking the pink off the field and into action right here in our community.”


Chargers kept the Jaguars winless and took their third win, Phillip Rivers unbelievably good once again (29/39 with 377 yards and 3 TDS) along with his 24th consecutive game with a TD and with having two receivers with over 100 yards. Huge deserving congrats to AFC Player of the Month, Phillip Rivers! The fantasy combo of the week, once again, was Rivers to Royal for 2 TD’s, 5 for 105 yards. Malcolm Floyd with 1 TD, Keenan Allen had personal best with 10 receptions for 135 yards and made appearances on NFL Turning Point along with NFL Total Access this week.

Defense shined with three turnovers, two INTs, Eric Weddle and Brandon Flowers’ crazy catch. Jarret Johnson popped a ball out and Donald Butler recovered. Defense had 75 total tackles, 3 sacks, 5 QB hits and 7 tackles for a loss with 3 pass deflections. Both Kendall Reyes and Corey Liuget were gracious in welcoming rookie QB Blake Bortles to the NFL. While were doing introductions, I have to share one of my new favorite illustrators, Bobby Rubio, not only a Pixar artist he’s a Chargers reared fan.  

That’s three weeks in a row a Chargers player has been honored as the AFC Player of the Week, this week its Special Teams, congratulations to Nick Novak who kicked his heart out Sunday with 5 field goals (33’, 34’, 23’ and a 37’) plus 3 PATS, that’s 15 points of the 33 scored. Also, became the franchise’s all time leader in field goal percentage!


Redzone, Run and Injury Plagued

The Achilles heel and fortunately there are no players with that injury however there are more than a practice squad of players on the injury report. The Cons unfortunately still the run with a total of 42 yards and keeping Rivers at the number 3 rusher for the team.  The continued inability to run will keep you from winning games, Period!!! The run to keep defenses honest doesn’t work unless you can, few more issues, with a third center in four weeks, to be expected, but at least 4 false starts in the exchange, fumbled snap most likely on Rivers. Zero for four in the red zone and missed points on a turnover, but low and behold the Chargers keep winning! injuryreport102

Tom Tellesco, GM on the run and getting Mathews back. “The good thing is the offense as a whole is playing very very well, were moving the ball, were converting on 3rd downs and were averaging over 25 points a game, so those are the good things. It’s week 4 going into week 5 and we still got a lot of things to work on and the run games one of them, but we need to get this thing clicking before Ryan gets back and when Ryan gets back we’ll be even better at that point.” #NYJvsSD ©desireeastorga

Hosting the New York Jets will be a hot one as the heat wave continues in San Diego along with an angry wounded animal, lead by Rex Ryan coming in to the Q possessing the second rushing team in the NFL, with 151 yards a game average. The two headed running Jets beasts, Chris Johnson (41 carries for 167 yards, 1 TD) and Chris Ivory (50 carries for 274 yards and 2 TD’s). Coming it at number 3 is QB, Geno Smith with 88 yards, Rivers has some company, and Smith also comes in with 5 INTs overshadowing his 4 passing TD’s. And hence one more issue for the Chargers to prepare for the QB controversy going on in New York, Geno or will it be Vick or will it be both?jetssdnflLast three meetings, Jets with three edge over the Chargers by one and run again, yes Jets are 2nd in the league while Chargers are 2nd to the worst at 31st, NY defense 2nd to SD’s 9th , Chargers passing is 5th in the league, led by no other than the AFC Player of the Month.

Chargers Leaders

Passing:  Rivers – 96-137, 1155 yds, 9 tds

Rushing:  Brown – 50 car, 100 yds, 0 tds

Receiving:  Allen – 22 rec, 244 yds, 0 tds

With all the defects mentioned, I still think the Chargers find a way to win, as I have expressed, so much family so much team in and out of the locker room, there is truly something magical going on, even with injuries, players and coaches are rallying together with talent, passion, love and respect.   I’ll finish with a pretty cool package done by Fox 5 on a 98-year-old Charger’s fan who has only missed four home games since 1961.

If your headed to the game, stay cool, should be another hot one at the Q!  Dynamite week wishes!  I’m out!

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