Jets: D’ Brickashaw Ferguson’s Humanitarian Efforts

D’ Brickashaw Ferguson has become a staple on the Jets offensive line for 8 years since his inception into the league in 2006. Along the years he has also became a staple in the community with relentless charity work and community service. Ferguson who is a Long Island native knows how important it is to be a positive public figure in the community. He started his own foundation aptly titled the D’Brickashaw Ferguson foundation. Since the foundation began in 2007 its goals have been aimed to award and improve the quality of life for students with academic scholarships in Long Island and New York City boroughs as well as students throughout  the United States. Since the beginning of 2007, he’s raised more than $50,000 in scholarships for high school seniors and college freshmen.

The foundation also provides financial support to churches, schools, and holds food and clothing drives to allow them to stay open and continue to be the pillars of hope in the urban community. There is also a mentorship program that assists high school and college students to make a smooth, successful transition from one level in life to the next by teaching independence as they continue to develop and mature physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each year Ferguson’s foundation donates four scholarships in the amount of 2,500 dollars to his alma mater of Freeport High School. With all the work that Ferguson has done for the community it should come as no surprise that he has had a street named after him in his hometown of Freeport, NY.

Ferguson’s humanitarian efforts do not just stop with scholarships and grants. Ferguson has become a vital spokesman of the Jets Eat Right Move More campaign. This campaign encourages students in the New Jersey area to take advantage of healthy food choices in school cafeterias all while becoming more engaged in physical activity. He appears on posters and he does in school appearances to  meet with the young Jets fans. All of his efforts have earned Ferguson the Marty Lyons Award for Community Service by the Jets community relations staff. Even Ferguson’s head coach has noticed his noble community work. Coach Rex Ryan said,” He’s somebody you want your sons to grow up like. Besides the obvious talent he has, the work ethic is phenomenal. He’s just an outstanding young man.”

In an interview with Essence magazine, which highlighted his success, Ferguson accepted all of the accolades by saying, “This is an opportunity for me to elevate and promote success within our communities.” D’Brickashaw has anchored himself as a Jet role model with his acts of nobility and humbleness in the community. He will continue to be a role model with the Jets for years to come as he signed a contract extension through the 2017 season.

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