Jennifer Garrett: Sports and life objectives equals success

Seattle, WA- Author of Move the Ball and sports enthusiast Jennifer Garrett has always incorporated sports with life lessions that individuals go through daily in order to be successful.

Jennifer has always been a sports enthusiast since she was younger and she transitioned it to something she felt was bigger than sports. “I mean I played sports when I was younger and it taught me discipline, as well as how it the morals will help you later on in life. Sports have a bunch of family morals like sticking together as a unit when things get tough, how to uplift each other when we are at our highs and lows, and always want the best performance that we can display. That is how life is in general. We want the best for our families, we give them guidance to do the best that they can, and we expect to learn, lie, and grow from obstacles that they had to overcome.”


Jennifer always had a passion for being a motivational speaker, who inspired others to go after their goals and dreams. “I just want to inspire others and tell them that they can reach any goal or dream that they desire. It takes hard work, dedication, and just grinding daily for something that you enjoy doing. Obstacles will come your way, but you have to overcome them.”

Jennifer had to overcome being a single parent in college, but she made it happen by getting multiple jobs to make sure her family was okay and pursued something that she wanted to do. “It was tough at first, but I made the best out of the situation. My motivation was my family and I wanted them to see that despite everything that has happened to me that you can overcome any obstacle and make your dreams come true.”

Jennifer published her first book called Move the Ball and its simple instructions on how to balance your life like you are the quarterback playing football. The book goes into details about linning your perfect team together by getting the right people to uplift you and how you can score a touchdown by making your goals and dreams happen. This book is how you prepare to get to the next level.

This Chicago native is not done with giving the world more books on improving growth, Jennifer is coming out with her new book next year and it should be a treat for others who enjoyed her first book.

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