Jamison Crowder Talks about his role with the Redskins

With a dicey organization that has been direct with letting people go, the Redskins are optimistic about the upcoming season. With a new extension and players that want Kirk Cousins as their QB, things are looking up for the Redskins. In a recent interview with wide receiver Jamison Crowder, Crowder mentioned having that explosive chemistry with Cousins that could possibly make them a serious contender.

“I mean the workouts that we had with Kirk, those went well. It was three days of pretty much just running routes and catching passes from Kirk. You know just going over some things that we feel like we can take advantage of as far as within the offense that went well. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m taking over or anything. I’m just making sure that I ‘m doing my job and doing what I have to do to be an important role within the offense. You know, just making plays and helping out the team so we can get some wins,” said Crowder. Image result for Jamison Crowder

Without the explosiveness of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon the Redskins will have to alter some of their deep plays, but Crowder feels like they will still put pressure on opponents with big plays down the field. “I think it can still be very explosive like the previous two years I have been here. You look at Terrelle Pryor Sr. coming from the Cleveland Browns; he put up some big numbers last year with the Cleveland Browns. Josh Doctson, everybody is anxious to see what Josh Doctson is going to bring to the table. I have faith in him that he will be a huge weapon for us. Obviously with [Jordan] Reed and Vernon Davis, those guys had really good years last year and J-Reed Jordan Reed is J-Reed Jordan Reed. I feel like the offense can still be explosive if not more than it was last year.”

“I’m excited to play alongside those guys and all the other weapons we have on offense,” Crowder said. “We have unique guys all across the board.“It’s exciting to come back and see teammates. Football is right around the corner, even though it’s a while away. When OTAs start, everything moves fast.”

While that may seem possible, the Redskins’ issue last season was getting protection for  Cousins. Cousins took many hits and was hurried often, because there was no offensive lineman that could be a threat to a defender. However, they was ranked 11th last season with offensive points scored, but that was because Jackson and Garcon was in the mix.

In order for the Redskins to have a chance with making the playoffs, they need to fix their offensive line and be aware of time management.

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