Jaire Alexander Is Ready To Bring His Swag To The NFL

University of Louisville’s Jaire Alexander enters the 2018 NFL Draft as one of the standout defensive backs expected to be taken off the board in the first round. No one will argue that he is an excellent player deserving of this opportunity. But if you ask him, he is the best cornerback in the Draft. Alexander is known for his speed and athleticism when it comes to his game. However, you can’t count out the importance of swag.

“First and foremost, I got the swag. A lot of corners don’t have that. You need that guy who brings that swag and that energy because that will definitely make a big impact on your defense,” said Alexander. “Besides that, I got ball skills, I’m versatile, I’m a leader…I was the team captain, so those are just some of the things that make me the best.”


It’s evident that he doesn’t lack confidence. In fact, that aspect of his personality has drawn comparisons to cornerbacks currently in the league who display swag at its best.

“I get a lot of comparisons to Jalen Ramsey or Marcus Peters. Those are the guys that I like anyways. They bring that swag and they bring that edge. And you see where it takes their teams.”

In other similarities, Ramsey and Peters are known as the some of the best shutdown corners in the NFL. Jaire’s teammates in Louisville have recognized this same quality and have dubbed him with the nickname “Alexander Island.” Jaire explained this more in-depth during the Combine earlier this year.

“I kind of shut down one side of the field. I take pride in that. That’s something I’ve been working on since a freshman so for them to give me that name is humbling.”

Jaire Alexander

With Alexander already being associated with high caliber players from around the league, he is in good company when it comes to his chances of success in the NFL. Several teams have taken an interest in him with Alexander officially visiting the Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins throughout April. It is still a mystery how the story will unfold tonight when round one of the Draft kicks off but he’s ready for what it brings.

“I’m really looking forward to knowing what team I’m going to,” said Alexander. “I don’t know what team I’m going to but it’s going to be a good night.”

If anything he is limiting the distractions and staying focused on the end goal. When asked what motivates him, he said “The fear of failure. The fear of not living up to my potential. Since I was young, my dad always preached you can be great and I never lost sight of that. That’s what I’m on the road to do…being great.”

With that attitude, greatness is more than possible!

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