Jaiquawn Jarrett opens as backup FS

The Eagles’ initial depth chart lists Kurt Coleman as the starting FS, next to 2010 rookie Nate Allen. Jaiquawn Jarrett, the 2nd-round pick from this year, sits behind Coleman. Everything is subject to change from this early stage, but the Eagles have liked Coleman ever since he arrived. No matter who technically starts, we should probably expect all 3 to be significantly involved. That figures to cap the IDP numbers, which is particularly significant for Jarrett. He’s attractive in rookie drafts but may not have so high a ceiling initially. For what it’s worth, S Michael Lewis joined Andy Reid’s Eagles as a 2nd-rounder in 2002 behind Brian Dawkins and Blaine Bishop. He started just 4 games as a rookie before cracking the lineup for good in 2003.

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