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Kyria Stephens discovered he had the gift of song when he was four years old, singing legendary pop artist Michael Jackson songs for his grand-fathers friends in Okinawa Japan. Kyria continued to sing in the choir until he was introduced into the idea of rapping by his brother and best-friend.

The art of words is a creative talent that allows an artist of any genre or level the ability to create a world to share with anyone who stumbles into it. For every artist there has to be some sort of motivation that continues to push their drive, so I asked him about it.

What keeps you motivated?

Kyria- My love for music and my fascination with being able to take something in my head and making it come alive. I’ve been performing since I was 13 and the best experience I ever had was my first demo release while I was in my group. The reason that sticks out to me is because it was the day I realized that this was something I can do.

Just like any entertainer whether it be in music or as an athlete, you have to find ways to keep the people wanting more, but in positive forms.

What makes you stand out as an artist?

Kyria- My energy and conviction about what I say in my music, it’s not just my art it’s my real life. I’m authentic! I plan to have longevity in this industry and I plan on achieving it by constantly drawing from what’s real around me, I look at it as a marriage in order to make it you have to grow and change with your spouse!  My support system is like my spouse we will both grow and change and so will out emotions and expectations. I won’t be giving the same type of sound 10 years from now that I am today because we meet supporters and I will be in a different place. My job is to serve them and in turn they’ll meet my needs as well.

When people take the time out to learn and appreciate your dreams, goals, or passion it provides that s that satisfaction of doing what you love and providing a service at the same time. Besides his career I wanted to know how he wants to be perceived.

Kyria- I’m a regular dude who loves God and believes in my gift. Every piece of my music is meticulously crafted. I don’t do ready-made songs, I put great effort and time into each piece of music! It is real work and a real service! While most are sleeping I am thinking of lyrics that will help them through the day. I love it though.

Of course, I had to know Kyria’s favorite sports team or player, and he held it down for the home town!

Kyria- Yeah The Buffalo Bills, Sabres’ and The Miami Heat

Would you ever do a team anthem? If so for what team and why?

Kyria- Yes! The Bills I’d remix the Bills make me wanna shout LOL!

Bills Mafia, I hope your taking notes and have Kyria on your radar because I’m sure that remix will happen when the opportunity presents itself, just be ready!

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