The Heisman Goes First Overall

With the first pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Baker Mayfield, quarterback, Oklahoma. The Mayfield whispers started just a few hours before the draft, and a smokescreen it was not. The Heisman Trophy winner will take his talents to Cleveland in an attempt to change the history of the quarterback position. While the plan will likely be for the rookie to sit behind newly acquired Tyrod Taylor, should things go the Cleveland way chants for Baker will happen early and often. Should both Taylor and Mayfield see the field this year, it will be the 30th quarterback to play for Cleveland since the Browns selected Tim Couch in 1999.

Many times teams get caught up in the physical traits. “He’s too small!”. “Is he even six foot?”. We here it every year. This year, the Cleveland Browns didn’t listen. People lie, numbers don’t, and Mayfield’s numbers are good; real good. In 2016, Baker broke Russel Wilson’s pass efficiency with a rating of 196.39. All he did the following year was break that record again by posting a rating of 198.90. Mayfield’s 11.8 yards per pass attempt in 2017 is also an NCAA record. In his college career, the Heisman Trophy winner through for 131 touchdowns, ranked fourth all-time. To those 131 touchdowns he only threw 30 interceptions in his entire career. The man threw 101 more touchdowns than interceptions. Tell me again about his height.

Say what you will about Baker Mayfield, but he’s dripping with passion. Earlier in the year, Mayfield was asked what the Browns would be getting should they choose to use their first pick on him. “They’re getting a winner. They’re getting somebody that’s going to turn that franchise around. They’re getting somebody that no matter what happens, no matter what anybody else on the outside thinks of that franchise, I’m going to put belief and I’m going put new life into that. And I’ll do everything I can to win and everything for my team and the coaching staff. They’re going to get the biggest competitor they’ve ever seen. That’s what I brought to OU, and that’s always been what I believe in.” Granted, this is an expected answer from anyone with aspirations of being drafted (unless your name is Josh Rosen), but this time it wasn’t scripted. It was genuine.

The Browns are getting a proven gamer, who wants to win.

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