Gridiron Fashion

‘Tis the Season for Fashion and Football, and in the NFL …some HIT while others dive and miss! As we all know, most NFL players are big and muscular, but all the added bulk leaves most no choices in fashionable clothing.

Tim Tebow at ESPY’s 2012 , Great Example of Custom fitted piece looking just fit on his shoulders.

Even when more stylish clothing is available in their size, these guys shy away from them as to not wear something that makes them look even bigger. All women know not to wear certain patterns on your thighs, butt or midsection – these are the parts we want to appear smaller. It doesn’t differ differ for a man! Footballers have large thighs and butt, enlarged Traps and a tiny waist; leaving most the need for tailored garments. If your pockets are bulging and your hips look like a woman’s, or your jacket buttons are holding on for dear life, guess what?! NO MORE TIGHT clothes…get a tailor and a Stylist, your two best friends.

There are ways for guys with this body type to by Fly without looking Dry. ‘Color pops’ can come from your shoes and / or accessories, and the same goes for prints.

Always get your pants tailored! If you shop in a department store, buy the size that fits your thighs, then get them tapered to fit your leg as needed. And don’t forget the ONION rule! Tailor it, Layer it, and let’s get ready for some FOOTBALL!


Cam Newton at ESPY’S 2012, Working that color pop with confidence and swag.


Mark Sanchez at ESPY’s 2012, Subtle color pop works for fashionably safe players.



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