Giants’ Mr. and Mrs. Justin Tuck “Winning” with Style and Big Hearts

Justin Tuck is without a doubt the leader of the New York Giants defense. Tuck was on the Giants team in 2007 that defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII and he would lead the defensive line again this past season in Super Bowl XLVI. Tuck made his presence known on the Patriots first play from scrimmage forcing Tom Brady to throw the ball away which was called an intentional grounding  and led to a safety.

Mr. and Mrs. #91 Tuck , Super Bowl Champion G-Men 2012

Tuck would go on to lead the Giants defensive line with 3 tackles and 2 pivotal sacks, one sack coming on the Patriots final drive that would eventually fall short in the final seconds. Tuck attended Notre Dame for four years and after graduating was drafted in 2005 by the New York Giants in the 3rdround.After battling injuries earlier on in his career Tuck has since been a force on the Giants defensive line and has gained the nickname “The Freak” along the way. Enter Mrs. Lauran Tuck. Lauran has been a long time client of Pro Player Insider, Bella Artistry. This leading lady has been making moves of her own, as well. Lauran just graduated from Grad school from the University of Pennsylvania in May.  The Tucks met on campus at the University of Notre Dame, where they both went to school.  In 2008, Lauran and Justin married and just two years ago in 2010 they had their son Jayce. Recently, Jayce was the perfect centerpiece for the Giant’s Super Bowl Victory. He sported an adorable Bella Artistry custom #91 long sleeve camo tee that made the big screen. Lauran supported her man in a similar camo hoodie and later with the Lombardi trophy she rocked it with a personalized, corset fitted Tuck jersey. Bella Artistry would not expect anything less from this smart,fabulous woman. Off the field, this power couple is not only fashionable by they are genrous. In 2008, the two formed Tuck’s R.U.S.H. for Literacy, which has been raising money to donate

Tuck’s RUSH Charity Event May 31st

books and other reading materials to support children in the New York City and Central Alabama communities. This Memorial day weekend (May 31st), Tuck will have his Annual Celebrity Billiards event where the two-time Super Bowl Champion, othe NFL players, and celebrities will come together to support his cause. The evening will be filled with intense billiard play and VIP entertainment. The action takes place at Slate NYC and is co presented  by RXR in New York City. This two time Pro Bowler remains one of the most feared defensive linemen in the NFL, but he is much more dynamic then merely this. It is obvious he and his wife have style and much more importanly a heart for helping others. With these reasons combined the facts are clear that Mr. and Mrs. Tuck are fan favorites both on and off the field. 

Tuck Family with Lombardi Trophy , Feb.2012
Lauran and Jayce in Bella Artistry SB XLVI ExclusivesTuck’s RUSH Charity Event May 31stLauren Tuck Supporting in Style at the Pro Bowl

Leah J. Miller made her name as a personal designer and custom outfitter to MLB, NBA and NFL families with the launch of Bella Artistry. Known affectionately throughout the professional sports industries as “The Diamond Duchess”, she has been custom tailoring and embellishing the official jerseys and wardrobes of ballers’ significant others and children with Swarovski crystals since 1999. Her designs have been featured in the 2008, 2009, and 2010 HBO Hard Knocks football training camp special as well as the Washington Post, and the Diamond Duchess will make her debut as a Costume Designer this Fall for the ABC-TV drama Ghostbreakers. You can learn more about Bella Artistry and see many of Leah’s creations by clicking here.

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