Giants and Jets Players Bowling for a Cause at NFL Draft

When fans picture the NFL Draft the scene most fans conjure in their minds is the stage at Radio City Music Hall where the commissioner of the league announces the newest crop of players to step in and work to make a team’s roster.  It also serves as a backdrop for current players and celebrity fans to gather at and host events to give back to the community.  The High Volume 2014 NFL Draft Bowling hosted by ProPlayerInsiders and 3PMedia Partners kicked off the draft week festivities to raise funds and awareness for the Jack Brewer Foundation.


NFL Draft Bowling


The list of players consisted mostly of New York Giants.  Wide Receivers Marcus Harris, Jullian Talley, Travis Harvey represented their squad, but veteran Fullback John “The Terminator” Connor was the biggest name for the G-men in attendance.  Connor is a universal local entity – he started his career with the New York Jets.  Not to be outdone by their crosstown counterparts, the Jets posted a presence as well in the form of their newest Running Back, Chris Johnson.

NFL Draft Bowling

Other celebrities at the event included DJ Skoota who provided music for the occasion.

The purpose of the event was to bring more attention to the Jack Brewer Foundation. Brewer, as a former NFLer, who is linked to the New York/New Jersey area having played for the Giants in 2004.  Yet the retired Safety established his institution with a much broader goal in mind.  One of the main goals if the institution is to bring education to children who are not only less fortunate fiscally, but also in cultures where peers actively discourage a proper schooling as we know it.


Photo by Mike Johnson


Education isn’t where their efforts end, though.  The Foundation is also involved in bringing essential needs to extremely impoverished areas.  Some countries where the organization has traveled include Malawi, Haiti, China, Panama, and Mexico.  Whether it’s helping with programs connected HIV and AIDS or implementing road safety, the Mission of helping people and families through sports was certainly in place during this event where NFL Players drafted some time to give back.





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