Friday Feel Good: Devon Still Double Dose

March Madness brackets busted? Having a difficult week? We’re here to make you feel better with our Friday Feel Good story. It’s been a good week for Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still first with the news that his daughter Leah Still got great news in her cancer recovery. Then he got a new contract with the Bengals.

If you missed Leah Still’s story, this by Paul Dehner, Jr. at the Cincinnati Enquirer is a good briefer. After Leah’s story went viral, her father was promoted from the Bengals practice squad to the active roster. Her story also inspired others and led to a runway appearance by her and a book written by her and her father. The duo captivated the sports world in desperate need of something to believe in.

So the uplifting news Devon revealed that Leah’s body no longer showed any evidence of disease is a great way to end the week. There is still further testing to be done and likely some post treatment followup but the news is still encouraging. Particularly so when you consider her survival chances were at one point 50-50.

Then, two days later, it was announced the Bengals had reached a new agreement with Still though the contract details have yet to be released. The agreement should ensure Leah still has access to medical treatment through an insurance program provided by the National Football League.

Still was drafted by the Bengals in the second round of the 2012 NFL draft, pick number 53, out of Penn State University. He has played 30 games as a Bengal where he recorded 40 tackles, a forced fumble and is credited with a sack assist.

Congratulations to the Still family on the great news! We here at Pro Player Insiders are also #LeahStrong. Good luck to Devon and the Bengals in the upcoming season as well!

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