The Forty Viners: Social Media Pioneers

There are two choices when contriving a social media marketing campaign. Be berated or become innovative. It is simply unacceptable for NFL organizations to remain futile with their social media initiatives. Teams are often scolded or characterized as being frivolous if they fail to deviate from marketing schemes they’ve utilized in seasons past. So, how do you separate yourself from the competition and install a new social media plot if you’re an NFL club? How about optimizing a single social media outlet to generate friendlier intercations with fans? The 49ers, excuse me, ‘Forty-Viners’ are making themselves the new hype of the online universe, one looping video at a time.

In partnership with Levi’s, the San Francisco 49ers‘ have boldly plunged into the virtual vine community to offer a continuous cycle of short videos that will encompass all facets of gameday throughout the 2014-2015 season. These social media tactics aim to provide loyal fans with behind-the-scenes coverage of 49er football. Opportunities also exist for 49er zealots to crash the vine party. Prizes such as club level seat upgrades, gift cards, and memorabilia are being dished out to fanatics who channel their inner forty-viner. That’s right, hastag FortyViner and start posting creative videos that epitomize Levi’s fashion or the occassional player-fan interaction. Regardless, all videos have the potential to be featured on as well as the colossal video board towering above the stadium.

Care to rock those rad 501 stonewash jeans alongside Vernon Davis? Think you have your best ‘Kaepernicking’ impression down? Purchase your 49er trucker jacket yet? Keep asking yourself what people haven’t “vined”. Maybe you could be the recipient of a great prize or the laughter for a crowd of 65,000+. No matter what the reaction to your Vine is, show your 49er spirit! Also, be sure to look out for the Forty-Viner crew scattered around the stadium. Here’s a look into some recent #FortyViner posts:

Brotherly Love (#HarBros): 

Check out the latest 49er apparel: 

What’s up next on the 49ers Vine? You decide that my Forty Viner friends. Until then stay faithful. And please NO old vines of Candlestick Park!

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