NFLPA Former Players Message – June 17, 2011


by Nolan Harrison III
Senior Director

Over the last couple years we former players, as a population, have dealt with the tragic loss of some of our brothers who have taken their own lives. None of us can ever truly understand what the act of suicide means or how our brothers felt unless we walk in their shoes, are in their families, or are blessed enough to hear their survival stories. All we can do as brothers and family are to try to reach out and have a conversation with those that we know or feel are troubled. By having a conversation with them, or their families, we can break down barriers and walls that are naturally built by their feelings of isolation and hopefully intervene to prevent a tragedy from happening to someone who we care for. When you watch the video below you will understand that the lack of psychological resources and societal understanding is not just unique to our population.

The NFLPA’s Tyrone Allen at 800-372-2000 extension 166 is available for you to speak with if you feel the need or you know someone who needs reaching out to. The University of Michigan Depression clinic at the NFLPA has partnered with is also ready to assist any player in need.

What can we do? We can make a difference in our brothers lives by socializing and participating in chapter events, encouraging others to come out to enjoy the camaraderie, and speaking openly and honestly to each other about what’s going on in our lives so we can be the pillars of strength that we were for each other on the field and in the locker room, off the field.

Enjoy this powerful message of survival and understanding from Ted Talks.


The NFLPA and Federal Housing And Urban Development Team Up for Fatherhood in the Community

by Nolan Harrison III
Senior Director

The NFLPA and Federal Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD) partnered this past weekend for a wonderful Father’s Day experience. HUD has asked the Public Housing Authority in 10 major cities across the country invited fans, fathers and their children to a community center, where they participated in block parties and “bonding activities”: arts and crafts, games, refreshments, music etc. at the same time, HUD provided resource tables for the fathers that were set up by various community partners. Fathers were able to access information on healthcare, job training possibilities, legal advice, and ways to build and support strong families. The NFLPA and its players have always supported the community we live in and the families who have always been there for us as fans. Father’s Day has always been a special time for NFL players, and I’m so glad that many of our players across the country were able to participate in this wonderful event. A special thank you to the NFLPA ‘s Joe Briggs, Public Policy Counsel, Robyn Harrison, communications, former player now staff Scott Turner, NFLPA Player Advocate, many HUD staffers and volunteers across the country for their hard work in coordinating this event, and of course the fans and the communities who came out to enjoy a special pre-Father’s Day treat.

The following is a list of players/leaders who were able to take their time to give back to the community. Leave it to these heroes of the community to show us with this time is really all about and how we should use our gifts and blessings to affect the lives of others.


  • LaMar Campbell – Lions
  • George and Chanita Foster – Lions, Broncos
  • Harvey Armstrong – Colts, Eagles
  • Reggie and Megan Brown (with their daughter)
  • Calvin Johnson Sr. (Calvin Johnson’s father) – Lions


  • Reggie Smith – NFLPA Chapter President – Buccaneers
  • Samuel McNabb (Donovan McNabb’s father)


  • Scott Turner – NFLPA Player Advocate/Former Player – Redskins, Chargers, Broncos
  • Ryan Neufeld – Cowboys, Jaguars, Bills

Washington, DC

  • Ken Harvey – Washington, Phoenix
  • Olandis Gary – Denver, Detroit


  • Joe Mays – Current Player – Denver


  • Reggie Holmes – NFLPA Chapter Vice President


  • Rosevelt Colvin – Bears, Patriots

New Orleans

  • Kerry Parker – Raiders, Chiefs
  • Jack Holmes – Saints
  • Mike Strachan – Saints
  • Rich Jackson – Raiders, Broncos, Browns
  • Bernard Robertson – Bears, Bills


  • Larry Allen – Cowboys, 49ers


  • Ryan Mundy – Steelers
  • Tom Averell – CFL, NYT


  • Michael Butler- Packers, USFL
  • Ricky Reynolds- NFLPA Chapter President – Buccaneers, Patriots
  • Joseph Moore (Kyle Moore’s father)
  • Mike Peterson- Colts, Jaguars, Falcons


Al Chesley Receives Leadership Award

It is a pleasure for me to inform all of you that one of our own, Washington DC chapter member Mr. Al Chesley, is being recognized for his work with the National Center for Victims of Crime. On June 21st at 6:00pm he will be the recipient of the 2011 Leadership Award for his direct work with the youth of our community. The award presentation will be held



Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust (PAT): Tyrone Allen, 800-372-2000

NFL Player Benefits: Bethany Marshall, 800-372-2000

NFL Player Care Foundation: 800-NFL-Goal


An informational Website designed to describe the benefits available to Former NFL Players is available at

MY GOAL LINE is the only designated website for benefits in pro sports.

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