Former Charger, Pete Shaw Rooting for Ingram and Marines

Pete Shaw knows his finances. Shaw is an example of is a former NFL player who knows the importance of budgeting, and giving back to the community as well.  His current career in banking and finance has given him credibility to advise the young players in the league to live beneath their means. Shaw was born in New Jersey and was drafted in 1977 out of Northwestern University. His skills at safety led him to play eight seasons for both the San Diego Chargers and the New York Giants. This former Charger, despite the team’s tough season, has been rooting for Melvin Ingram and Corey Liuget.  He views Ingram and Liuget as the faces of the future.

Pro Player Insiders Theresa Villano was able to catch up with Shaw as he attended the Wounded Marine Fund’s Gala and Fairway Partners Golf Tournament for charity.

PPI: Pete what brings you here today?
PS: Friends asked me to come support one of our true heroes in this country, Michael. anytime I can do that and help these young men and women that have given so much for our country I’m delighted to do it.

PPI: A lot of times football coaches and players relate football to going to battle or going to war. What are some similarities you see in football and with the marines?
PS: Its about a team no man gets left behind on the football field its all about working together and unless these young men and women work together they can be successful in commitment and passion and they do it with passion and commitment to win. Were not doing this just to do its not just an exercise cause our mission is a goal at the end of the tunnel we all work towards that goal. These young men and women work toward the goal of winning these wars.

PPI: Who are some players that you have been following some rookies and some young guys?
PS: Obviously the San Diego chargers first round draft choice Melvin Ingram.  I like his intensity. Also, Corey Liuget last year, I love his intensity. I’m watching the defense mostly cause I was a former defensive player. I like what the Chargers are doing on defense. I definitely follow them.

PPI: As a former player what are some things you gotten into post football?
PS: I’ve really got out of the game I’ve become a stock broker, currently I’m a financial advisor for Wells Fargo Advisors. I was a stock broker for 11 years, then a sports agent for 10, and then I went back into the financial industry.

PPI: Recently there was a show on ESPN 30 for 30 on players going broke. If you could give advice to any player to deal with there finances what would it be?
PS: Live beneath your means while you’re playing.  You’re not going to make this money every year when you’re done playing.  You’re making so much more money than executives are making, so it doesn’t necessarily continue.  Live beneath your means.  Save, don’t try to be a baller like the superstars of the league. Realize this is for the long term, this is a blessing that I’m in the league, that I’m making this kind of money. I have to take care of it when I have it.  It’s a great head start.  It’s a great step up on most people who are working in this country and use it as a stepping stone. Don’t try to live the life of the ballers because you can’t do it for the rest of your life unless you’re a true superstar.

My number one piece of advice is: Live beneath your means while you’re making all this money, because you’re not always going to make that same amount of money.


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–Alec Short contributed to this article

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