Fashion And Football With Jeff Cumberland Of The NY Jets

Athletes have always found a way to showcase their personalities in their respective sports be it an end zone dance such as Victor Cruz and his salsa dance.

Within the very rigid guidelines the NFL has over everything including dress code you would think that it would be hard for players to express themselves fashionably. Jeff cumberland jetsHowever, today’s NFL athletes are finding ways to express themselves without upsetting Roger Goodell and the league, for the most part.

We caught up with LB Jeff Cumberland from the New York Jets at The Royal NYC where he was hosting Monday Night Football and put him on the clock to get the deets on his sense of style both on and off the field.

 PPI: So far the Jets have gotten to a great start winning the season opener, though last week was a bit rough, and with all the changes the Jets have been facing how is the season going for you personally?

Jeff CumberlandJeff Cumberland: So far personally it has been going good, it’s still too early to say how myself as well as the team will improve down the line or even around playtime but so far, so good.

PPI: How would you define your style of play?

Jeff Cumberland: I feel that I am beginning to become a well rounded player, as far improving on blocking, receiving, recognition of front lines of the defense and the coverage of the defense.

PPI: The Jets have made several changes since your arrival, from coaches to GM’s, have you faced any hurdles with these adjustments or were you able to adjust easily?

Jeff Cumberland: I am used to it; this is my 3rd offensive coordinator, which really has been the only significant personnel change for me. This is being my 4th year in the league everything is becoming second nature versus my rookie year where I came in as a receiver then had to transition into a new role.

PPI: As an undrafted free agent you are considered the underdog, for you what are some goals for you as you progress year over year?

Jeff Cumberland: Continue to work hard, with hard work comes results. To continue taking advantage of those plays that come my way, as well maintaining my health off the field. My offseason includes eating right, stretching, and even massages for the little things add to your longevity in this league.

PPI: Enough football, I have been checking you out and want to know what your fashion sense is like?

Jeff Cumberland: I pretty much wear what looks good on me at the time. I can’t really say that I have fashion sense but I know what looks good on me. I used to be big on True Religion which I am actually wearing tonight.

PPI: On game what is your go to outfit, are you a suit and tie guy or just a blazer and slacks?

Jeff Cumberland: Home games are more casual, for away games you’ll usually catch me in a blazer and slacks or sometimes a suit, very business casual.

PPI: Who’s your favorite designer?

Jeff Cumberland: Like I said, I don’t really have a favorite designer; I just go with what looks good.

PPI: Fair enough, but you’re a big guy, so who’s your go to guy for customizing and tailoring?

Jeff Cumberland: Everything has to custom tailored for me and I usually go to 9Tailors to have all my jackets tailored to fit.

PPI: Are there any fashion icons that you draw inspiration from that make you go, “ooh I want to dress like him”?

Jeff 1Jeff Cumberland: I would have to say Kobe Bryant, his style is easy but smooth.

PPI: I have to put you on the spot, what is your go to outfit and why?

Jeff Cumberland: It depends on the occasion but for me a suit and tie, if it’s for comfort then jeans a t-shirt.

PPI: Finally since they have had me in a daze all night, who are your sneakers by?

Jeff Cumberland: Gucci

A man who keeps it simple with a nice a dose of flair, I can sum up that Jeff Cumberland’s sense of style and plays compliment to one another. It was great speaking with him and fingers crossed next time we meet, I will be giving his fashion game and upgrade.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Cumberland/ Ivan K. Photography

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