A Fan Farewell as Darnell Dockett Joins a “Rival”


The outspoken defensive Linemen Darnell Dockett has reached a two year agreement with the rival San Francisco 49ers. This is really unusual as we have heard many times in the past how much Dockett hated the 49ers. So what would make one sign with the enemy? It could be that one may feel he has been betrayed.
The money or (business) side of the NFL usually dipicts which side one will fight on, and has now forced Dockett to make a financial decision for his future. “DARNELL DOCKETT @ddockett • whatever team I’m on, we will WIN!!!!……. That’s all I know. That’s all I think about. “I love you all”
In a comment before the talks with the Cardinals Dockett said he would play in Arizona next year no matter if it was for one game or eight, looks like he knew the writing on the wall was him being odd man out.
Many of the fans are feeling a little slighted believing that Dockett just did the exact thing he called ex-teammate Karlos Dansby out for last year, “chasing the money”.

Darnell Dockett will have his opportunity to explain himself as he will make an appearance on an Arizona local radio show today. I’m sure the fans would really want to hear his side of the story.
The deal with the 49ers is a two year deal and the money has not been disclosed, but one thing is for certain it will be greater than what he was offered to stay in Arizona, the question remains how much more.

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