What’s in a Nickname? Mother’s Love Says Bills’ E.J. Manuel

“I think the draft was kind of an early Mother’s Day for all of us,” said Buffalo Bills first round draft pick quarterback E.J. Manuel.  “I’m happy my mom was able to enjoy that with me. She was able to talk on the camera and stuff like that so that was cool.”

E.J.’s mom, Jackie Manuel, was diagnosed with breast cancer in August and underwent chemotherapy throughout his the college football season. She finished up her treatments in December of 2012 and on February 1 of this year E.J. tweeted out good news.

As he was waiting to hear his name called at the NFL draft in April, E.J. wore a pink shirt and a pink tie as a special nod to his mom. “I loved it and my mom was very happy with that.”

In honor of Mother’s Day, Pro Player Insiders Melissa Mahler talked to E.J. about his special relationship with his mom.

PPI:  What is your favorite Mother’s Day memory?

EJ: I don’t know I have had so many you know, 23 of them.  Overall just hanging out with my parents is huge for us. I am an extreme homebody and when I go home I just don’t up and go out. I try and spend as much time with them as possible.

PPI: How would your mom describe you?

EJ: Goofy and definitely a mama’s boy. I like to have fun. I always make my mom laugh. I make faces when no one else is watching and she just starts laughing and then everybody is looking at me and I will have a straight face. Her and I we just have that type of relationship. I love my mom to death.

PPI: Any special nicknames?

EJ: Shoot, she calls me sweetie cakes. And she still calls me that which is funny being 23 and an adult now but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

EJ Manuel QB Buffalo Bills
EJ Manuel QB Buffalo Bills at 2013 NFL Draft wearing pink in honor of his mom Jackie.

PPI: Do you plan to be involved in any programs to help fight breast cancer?

EJ: When I first got here in Buffalo many of the women that are in charge of breast cancer awareness programs were extremely excited to have me here. I definitely plan on being involved and expect my mom will too.

This Mother’s Day E.J. will be hard at work at rookie minicamp so he won’t be celebrating with his mom in person. He said, “My mom understands I’m at work. My dad and sister back home will take her out to dinner.”

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