Eagles vs Patriots Preseason Preview

Philadelphia Eagles

In the Eagles’ preseason debut against the Chicago Bears, the Eagles’ defense was one of many concerns that the team needs to get under control. The Bears had almost 500 yards total yards of offense which was a huge factor in their win over Philadelphia. Despite their lackadaisical defense the Eagles had some bright spots in their offense.eagle

On special teams they seemed to have found a dynamic player in Josh Huff. Huff had shown off that speed and patience when he had returned a 102 kick return. Now as they look forward to the Patriots’ match up keep your eyes on the QB battle. Both Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley have been putting on a show with précised passing down the field and not making major mistakes when they are flushed out of the pocket. This week we shall see if Matt Barkley gets more time in the game or will the coaching staff stick with Sanchez for the moment and give him more reps with the secondary team. 

During the week the Eagles had practice battling drills. This drill will indeed help the players to be more effective with putting up their hands and actually batting the ball down instead of going for the pick. As you have seen in last weeks’ lost the Eagles had many chances to make big plays, but didn’t capitalize on the opportunities that were there. Also the Eagles needs to tighten up with their penalties. They had penalties that had cost the around 87 yards alone.

Keys for victory

The Eagles have to put more pressure on the Patriots QB’s. They had lacked that pressure in the Bears game and that was why the Bears’ QB’s craved the Eagles defense to pieces. Communication is key to any victory! The Eagles’ secondary looked like they were lost. They wasn’t in the right spots that they needed to be and that was one of the reasons the Bears had some big plays down the field. Put Pressure on the receivers as well. The Patriots receivers are known to be crafty and physical with getting to their spots. The Eagles’ defenders have to press up on the receivers and not allow any room. If they could do that than they could make it harder for the Pats with the timing of the throw.

New England Patriots

After a disappointing loss to the Washington Redskins the Pats are looking to get back to Patriots football. In the game against the Redskins the Patriots QB’s looked uneasy and was hassled through the entire game. Despite the score there were some bright spots for New England.pats

QB Jimmy Garoppolo looked impressive. When he was pressured he used his legs to buy time to hit his receivers down the field. Even though he hasn’t had the best training camp he had shown some life that he could possibly be the backup for the Pats. He is very decisive with his decisions down the field, but at times you could see him over thinking a plays. He just needs to relax and let the game come to him. He should have more big plays down the field with the Eagles’ defense. 

The Patriots special teams needs some improving. On one play the returner had put the ball on the ground. As we all know coach Belichick does not play when it comes to mistakes. On a brighter note the offensive line is improving each and every day. 

Coming into this game the Patriots needs to hold their fort. They were pushed by a bigger defensive line against the Redskins, but now faces a much smaller defensive line with the Eagles.

Keys to Victory

Getting the run game going in the first half. The Pats’ running backs had shown that they could have an impact in the game they just need to be fed early on in the game. The defense need to blitz the Eagles’ QBs. If they could put pressure on them than it could result in the Pats getting the Eagles off the field or even them make mistakes. 




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