Eagles vs. Bills: A Duel of the Criticized QB

The Buffalo Bills may be headed into Week 8 with a record of 5-1, but they still have many critics. More specifically, second-year quarterback, Josh Allen, still has many critics. Before we can understand the criticism, we must first understand the role of a critic. A critic would like you to believe they come from an unbiased realm of constructive criticism, but in 2019, that realm doesn’t exist. The only realm most critics come from is the upside down, and instead of offering a true evaluation, they say stranger things.

This week, the highly criticized Allen will be at home to take on head coach, Doug Pederson, and his skidding Philadelphia Eagles. Regardless of their record (3-4), Philly is capable of beating any team, on any given day. Let us not forget, the Eagles are less than two full years removed from being crowned Super Bowl Champions, and the Bills should expect the birds of the NFC East to be one of their tougher challenges this season.

Pederson will arrive at New Era Field on Sunday with a gunslinger of his own – Carson Wentz. When it comes to the measurables, Allen and Wentz are nearly identical. Both stand 6’5”, weighs approximately 240 pounds, and their 40-yard dashes would likely require a photo finish to determine the winner. Those mountains over there? Both quarterbacks can throw a ball over them.

When Buffalo traded up in the 2018 NFL Draft to select Allen with the seventh overall pick, they hoped they were getting a player similar to the man he’ll face off against this weekend. But as of late, Wentz has received even more harsh criticism than Allen. One simple Google search for “Carson Wentz”, and you’ll see articles ranging from Wentz’s “struggles” within the playbook to rumors that some of his teammates would rather play for former backup quarterback, Nick Foles. It’s interesting chatter for a man who’s thrown 13 touchdowns to only four interceptions on the season. Never mind that Wentz’s receivers nearly lead the league in drops (13), or that his defense is ranked in the bottom third of the NFL for points given up (26.6). The City of Brotherly Love is pointing the finger squarely at Wentz.

If either quarterback hopes to silence their critics, they’ll need a good showing this Sunday. Unfortunately for Wentz, he will be up against an elite defense. Buffalo’s D ranks third in total yards per game (292.7 yds/g), and third in points given up (15.2 pts/g).

Allen will be up against a Philly defense ranked 27th against the pass – giving up 270.6 yards per game through the air. After releasing Orlando Scandrick earlier in the week, the Eagles pass defense will be in even more disarray. If there was a game for Josh Allen to break out the arm, it will be this week. If all goes well, we won’t see any of those passes that simply “float through the air”, as one critic put it. Maybe this week Allen will have the fortitude to throw the ball downfield (insert eye roll) – we know John Brown would appreciate it.

Kickoff is scheduled for 10 am Eastern Time, and the Bills are currently favored by 1.5 points.

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