Dezmin Lewis Cherishes Combine Opportunity

INDIANAPOLIS–  Dezmin Lewis is a small school wide receiver that has a reputation for being a high point specialist. He comes from the University of Central Arkansas, where he developed the ability to attack the ball in the air. Lewis measured in at 6-3, just short of his goal of being 6-4. There are some things that he brings to the table that are very attractive to coaches. He is proud to be in Indianapolis for the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine despite coming from a small school.

Getting the chance to take part in the Combine is a pleasure for Lewis. “It’s exciting to be here and get this opportunity. I am taking it all in. It’s nice to be able to showcase my talents. I am enjoying the meetings, medical interviews, everything.”

Lewis classifies himself as a hard working receiver. He pointed out how he attacks the ball with his hands. Another strength that he talked about was that he is not a body catcher. When the ball is in the air, he has a certain mindset that makes him take it to the next level. “Mainly, I am a go getter on the field. If the ball is thrown I will go get it on the catch at the highest point, away from my body and turn up field to make plays.” Lewis said. “I give 100%, I am not a slacker. I go out and make plays.”

Growing up in Texas, Lewis was a bit of a track star in high school. He talked about some of the events that he ran. “I ran the open 200, the 4 x 100 and the 4 x 200. My fastest time was a 21.8, I didn’t make districts because we had a lot of blazers in Texas. I long jumped in districts also and qualified for regionals.”

Senior Bowl South Practice

Every player has areas for improvement. Lewis says that he can get better at running routes. Fortunately for Lewis, he has a team of trainers that are helping him improve his route running. “I am training, working in and out of my routes. The main thing for me is to sink my hips to break away and create separation.  I have been doing a lot of cone drills and footwork drills to get my quick twitch muscles going and mainly stretching also. I want to open up my hip flexors, my abductors and stuff like that.”

Lewis made singled out Calvin Johnson as someone that he patterned his game after because of his size and how he makes plays. He called Johnson a go getter which is what he felt was a major similarity. “I have the mentality like he has.” Lewis continued; “Calvin Johnson, he was someone that I always watched. I look up to him and critique him. I try to portray him in my game.”

One of the teams that showed interest in Lewis was the Baltimore Ravens. Their receivers coach, Bobby Engram met with him and said that he liked Lewis’ size and attitude. He liked how he attacks the ball. Lewis said that it is different talking to scouts than coaches because coaches explain what needs to be worked on and how to improve and be more attractive to them.

The coaching staff at the Senior Bowl took to Lewis right from the first start of practices. They liked how he took to their coaching. Once he settled in, he made some very nice catches on the sideline in practice. It was clear that he had a penchant for snatching the ball. That is a trait that offensive coordinators cherish because they can use it to score touchdowns in the red zone.

There is little doubt that Dez Lewis will be someone to watch on Sundays. He said that he is willing to play special teams as well if a team asks him to do so. Lewis has a great attitude. He understands the value of being versatile and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it onto a roster.

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