Devon Walker’s Dream Comes True

The New Orleans Saints did an admirable thing when they had surprised former safety Devon Walker. Walker was an upcoming star, but his dream was short lived when him and a teammate collided resulting with him being paralyzed. Walker showed so much strength with accepting that his career was now over, but Saturday was one of his emotional moments that he will remember for the rest of his life.walker (1)

Walker had graduated and had said some amazing words about what he accomplished; “Words cannot adequately express how much this degree means to me,” Walker wrote in an email. “It is one of my highest achievements. “However, I am still on a quest to seek out and overcome my greatest adversity.”

Walker thought after he graduated him and his family were going to go out and eat. That was not the case. His family had took him to the Saint’s rookie camp where the organization had been waiting to complete his day; As Walker was greeted by staff, players, management and even the Saint’s head coach; what was about to happen would cap off Walker’s dream. The organization had given Walker a contract to play for the Saints and the expression that Walker had given could have melted hearts.

Coach Sean Payton had some great things to say about this young man; “When Devon got hurt, his football career was just starting to take off after three years of hard work, “Coach Sean Payton said, per the team’s official website. “Despite the devastating injury he suffered, Devon refuses to let that define him. He is an outstanding young man, who is not only an inspiration to his coaches and teammates at Tulane, but to all of us. Devon’s character, determination, intelligence and work ethic are everything that we look for in a New Orleans Saint when we sign a player. This is the least we can do to recognize Devon and these attributes that we want all of our players to have.”

“For me, this is one of my dreams come true,” Walker said. “I’ve been a Saint since before I was walking. Just to be a part of the team and be around the players is more than I could have hoped for.”The adversity that Walker has been through teaches us the greatest gift in life is take on the challenge no matter what. This young man is still focused on walking again and has been making progress with getting to that goal. Never give up on any dream or accomplishments that you want to work towards!

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