Derrick and Tamika Johnson: Waco Love Story


Many of my fashionistas (clients) here at Bella Artistry are referred to me from my other fashionistas.  Every week I will get calls from new girls who have seen pieces we made for their friends the week before.  They too, of course, have a desire to look and feel fabulous as well as to stand out in the crowd while they cheer on their man.  This is how I met the gorgeous and sweet Tamika Johnson.  Our mutual good friend, Yolanda Waters, wife of Brian Waters a 13 year veteran lineman for the Patriots (you’ll learn more about her in a future feature!) referred Tamika to me and we have been creating fabulous one of kind pieces for her ever since.

She was sporting a pair of Swarovski Uggs we created for her earlier this year in New York City which led a VERY IMPORTANT client to me…so she has a special piece of my heart… haha.

Tamika and Derrick Johnson’s story begins all the way back to their high school days at Wace High School, in Waco TX.  They had classes across the hall from each other which enabled their friendship to begin.  Tamika (a junior at the time) always joked with Derrick (a senior) that he was like her big brother in which he would reply that he didn’t want to be her big brother, but something more to her.  Their relationship blossomed over time into something more, much from Derrick’s persistence.  They continued dating long distance while they were both in college.

After Derrick was drafted 15th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2005, Tamika followed Derrick to Missouri. After dating 7 years, Derrick proposed to her in Malibu, CA on the beach.  He had prearranged for the waiter to hand deliver a “gift from the hotel” which resembled a box of chocolates.  But to her surprise there was a diamond ring in the place of chocolates.  How sweet, thoughtful and dreamy.

With a very accomplished 7 year NFL career that includes many awards and accolades including this year’s Derrick Thomas Award (team MVP), Derrick and Tamika came up with a way to give back to the high school they came from.  Tamika will be selecting 5 senior girls with exemplary grades from the inner city Waco High School every year to receive the Prom Experience.  The Prom Experience will pay for each hand-picked girl’s prom dress, shoes, jewelry, make over, hair and transportation to the prom.  This remarkable assistance will enable these girls to feel extraordinarily beautiful and stand out in the crowd on prom night, an evening they might not be able to afford to attend otherwise.

It is such an encouragement to see people who have been blessed in life to want to give back and share the blessing.  Tamika and Derrick are two individuals who have been blessed and are blessing others because of it.


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