David’s Locker

Cardinals Running Back David Johnson has spent his long off-season rehabbing and preparing for the new season. However, a very proud moment came last week as he and his beautiful wife introduced their new charity foundation, “David’s Locker”. Founded by David Johnson and his wife Meghan Johnson, their mission is to spread a little bit of love and joy to the kids of Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH). When I asked David what inspired him to start this foundation he responded quickly by saying “Ever since high school I’ve always had a heart for children – from being a light to kids to being a role model for children, it’s all my wife and I strive to be”. David also made it clear where his love for children came from, as he stated “For me it was having siblings, as well as unfortunately, being bullied I never wanted another kid to have to go through that when I was younger, and sometimes I wasn’t there for kids who were being bullied, this is my chance to change that narrative about my past”.


David’s Locker is a new Chapter in David Johnson and his wife Meghan’s life. When asked how long this project was in the works Johnson said “Oh ever since I thought I might have an opportunity to give back after all my blessings.” “ Meghan and I have been dreaming about a chance to do this for as long as we’ve been together”. This was the very first ever opening of “David’s Locker” and this one had a very thought out theme. When I asked David why video games and hand held electronics for this edition of David’s Locker he said “My wife and I have been to PCH quite a few times and the first time we came we handed out teddy bears with other celebrities, and we realized when we were hanging out with the kids in the children’s zone, some of the staff members mentioned that some of the kids can’t come down.” After some thought and after talking with their staff the Johnsons decided that with technology being so big they should get them hand held videogames and iPads to play with while sitting in their beds. It even allows the children to facetime their families when they feel alone.” It turns out this was a huge success. When that locker was opened I witnessed first hand what kind of happiness those kids experienced right away.

David Johnson’s Foundation.


As the 31 foundation continues to get the ball rolling on these types of foundations they made a promise that this was just the beginning and that this was just the first showing of the new foundation “David’s Locker”. And that These lockers will start to pop up all around the valley in which they could feature all sorts of things.

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