David Johnson Returns

David Johnson, remember him? Apparently if you’re not among the Arizona Cardinals fanbase, or an unfortunate fantasy team owner, you’ve forgotten about David. Clearly the NFL Network forgot about him as he wasn’t even included in the Top 100 Players of 2018. According to the NFL Network, this list is voted on by the players themselves, so apparently the entire NFL forgot about him. Now before you rattle off some nonsense about how he was left off the list because he was injured last season, check the list again and you’ll find a number of players who suffered major injuries last season. Was he forgotten because doesn’t have fist fights with kicking nets or because he isn’t out and about living the LA nightlife? In today’s day and age it can be easy to forget about a guy you don’t see on TMZ regularly.

Well, whatever your excuse may be for having forgotten about the 26-year-old star running back, you’ll remember him again soon enough. A healthy DJ is back! Early Monday morning Johnson posted himself on social media wearing a Cardinals helmet with “#ImBack”. It would appear that Johnson’s holdout is ending before he could miss much of anything and will be reporting to camp with his teammates later this week. There has yet to be word that a new deal has been made but General Manager, Steve Keim, hinted earlier in the summer that DJ would be compensated. “I don’t think there is any question David is one of our core players and someone we look forward to having a long-term future with”, Keim said. “It’s no different from in the past, when we’ve rewarded players like Pat Peterson, Chandler Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer, just to name a few.”

Whether David was promised a new deal, or he just realizes that the Cards hold the deck makes no difference to fans in Arizona. With the media attention they’ve received lately, this is considered great news!

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