Cowboys’ rookies reigned on Redskins parade

On Thanksgiving afternoon, the sun was a fierce problem for both teams, shining directly in the faces of both quarterbacks and kickers.

The Dallas Cowboys were lucky in the first quarter, with the sun not in their face allowing for Ezekiel Elliott to make a touchdown within the first four minutes of the game.

The second quarter was just as difficult, Kirk Cousins was unable to convert a touchdown so the Redskins were forced to kick a field goal to put the team on the board. Dustin Hopkins kicked a successful field goal for 24 yards, but his second attempt later in the quarter failed due to the sun being in his eyes.

The Cowboys’ Dan Bailey kicked his 46-yard field goal successfully because the sun was to his back, that brought the score to 10-3 in the second.

Just before the half ended, Dak Prescott was in the pocket and stuck, but found an escape and darted the ball to Terrance Williams who kept his tip toes in bounds for an amazing catch bringing the score to 17-3 with just under 2 minutes left.

The Washington Redskins seemed to continue to struggle. They were only able to complete to two field goals in the first half, ending 17-6.

The third quarter was the battle of the defenses and it was tough with no scores throughout the entire quarter. Connections from Prescott nor Cousins to their receivers resulted in a score, but the fourth quarter was a lot more exciting.

At the beginning of the final quarter Cousins connected with Jordan Reed twice for unbelievable catches both times. The second Reed reception made for the first Redskins touchdown of the game.

Cousins tries for a 2-point conversion but is picked off leaving it a 5-point difference.

Prescott isn’t ready to give up another W quite yet. The rookie quarterback answered Reed’s touchdown with one of his own by rushing the ball in for 6-yards.

Cousins and his Redskins make the effort to turn the game into a one possession difference on the following drive. He’s successful with a 67-yard passing touchdown to DeSean Jackson.

Redskins try an onside kick, but it’s not in their favor. The Cowboys scoop it up and their drive began.

Cowboys and Redskins penalties popped up left and right on the drive. Holding, unnecessary roughness and pass interference calls had Dallas back and forth in field position, but in the end Elliott scored his second touchdown of the game bringing the score to 31-19 with under 7 left in the game.

Although, Dez Bryant didn’t make any touchdowns, he was an integral part of helping Dallas get scoring drives in the game.

Cousins was determined not to lose this holiday away game, but penalties, bad decisions and unfortunate events were creating a struggle for his Redskins.

Reed and Cousins had a mental conversation when he passed him the ball for an 8-yard touchdown just after the two-minute warning.

Washington had to try for another onside kick in hopes of getting the ball back, but for the second time are unsuccessful. Dallas gets the ball on the Washington 47 with 1:53 left.

The Redskins were not able to come back and the game ended 31-26 Cowboys, giving Washington their third loss of the season.

Their next game is at the Cardinals on December 4 at 1:25 pst. The Cardinals have a 4-5-1 record.

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