Communication is key for NY Giants’ Aaron Ross

New York Giants defensive back Aaron Ross was never big into the reality TV scene. The two-time Super Bowl champion may be used to the bright lights on the grandest of stages, but Ross describes himself as calm, laid back and collective.

He described his wife, four-time Olympic Gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, as the exact opposite.

“She’s more of the outgoing, hyper type of person.”

No wonder the college sweethearts’ marriage has lasted 10 years. The ying and yang power couple are opening their relationship — perhaps more specifically, the life of Richards-Ross — to the public on her new reality TV show on the WE tv called “Sanya’s Glam & Gold”.

The show, heading into its third episode, is a look into the life of Richards-Ross as she juggles being a wife, a businesswoman, a world-class athlete and remaining family-oriented.

Before the world would be able to see a side of themselves never seen before, Richards-Ross needed the OK from her husband.

“When she first brought this idea to me, it took about two, two-and-a-half years to convince me to go along and jump in it with her,” Ross said.

It wasn’t easy, but through communication and getting on the same page the couple were able to find a middle ground.

“It’s always been her dream and in order for it to come true I had to be on board. I was more than happy to do that as long as it didn’t come between our relationship, her family. As long as it was able to be the Ross household, I was cool with it.”

Aaron Ross with Sanya Richards-Ross

Communication — the key to any healthy relationship — is main focus point for Ross on the field. Returning to the team that drafted him in 2007, Ross attributes a breakdown in communication as to why the Giants defense ranked 28th against the pass in 2012.

“It’s been something we’re working on a lot. We have to be on the same page in the backfield. I think that was the main thing that hurt the team last year. There were a lot of mental busts on the backend. This year, that’s what we’re really focusing on. All seven guys back there are all on the same page.”

Ross expressed his pleasure with the show’s attention in the early going as well as his pleasure being back with the Giants, an organization that he refers to as home. For the most part, it’s as if he never left following the team’s 2011 Super Bowl season.

Tom Coughlin is still the head coach. Perry Fewell is still the defensive coordinator. Peter Giunta is the secondary/corners coach. Corey Webster, Prince Amukamara and Stevie Brown are still in the defensive backfield with him.

The comfort level he has with the Giants couldn’t be matched with his brief stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Oddly enough, it was Ross’s comfort level with the crew of “Glam & Gold” that eventually won him over.

“It was the crew. We did a little trial run with them. They pretty much allowed me to be myself. They were actually the crew behind Run’s House. I really admired that show.”

You can catch Ross stopping receivers as he plays with the Giants. Or see Ross play the supportive husband role in “Sanya’s Glam & Gold” on WE tv Wednesdays at 10pm EST.

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