Colts Unveil “Hometown Huddle” For Youth

Indianapolis Colts Hometown Huddle1 960x686On Tuesday October 23rd, the Indianapolis Colts and its players along with Indiana Wesleyan University were on hand to unveil this year’s “Hometown Huddle,” a fitness room at the Kaleidoscope Youth Center.  The Colts players, The United Way and the NFL’s “Play 60” program came together to donate their time to give Kaleidoscope Youth Center a place for young kids to exercise and stay active as well as learn life skills.

Colts players Sergio Brown, Matt Overton and Dwayne Allen participated in the activities at the facilities and donated their time.  Seeing the players interact with the kids is a telltale sign that the fitness room will get great use.

“It’s a Colts themed fitness room and it represents not only the Play 60 message but has a very Colts feel to it,” said Stephanie Pemberton, the Senior Director of Community Relations. “It’s kind of like the Colts locker room so we want to give this kids here at Kaleidoscope Youth Center a fun way that they can be active, especially during the cold winter months. When they can’t go ride their bike they can come here inside and play the Xbox Kinect or lift some weights or whatever they want to do. ”

Indianapolis Colts Hometown Huddle2 960x640The Colts players went over the basics of weight training exercises, showing them how to do it safely and guiding them how to follow the exercise posters on the walls of the fitness room.  Colts long snapper Matt Overton said it’s a great place for kids to come out and stay active throughout the day as well as learning new activities, stressing that this is where it all starts with the kids and their introduction to athletics.

“Indiana Wesleyan University is committed to growing students in scholarship, leadership and character. And so when you look at this initiative, working with the Colts, United Way and Indiana University you bring all those goals into alignment and we are just honored to be a part of it,” said Janelle Vernon, the Associate V.P. of Indiana Wesleyan University.




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