Chargers Prep For an Hour Flight to San Jose

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West coast travels continue as Chargers prep for an hour flight to San Jose for their third pre season game at the new home of the Niners. NFC team number three of four in the pre for San Diego. Not a happy visit in Seattle for the Bolts, however possibly a learning tool if applied. Off to NorCal to possible sod issues and dangerously upset miners in the bay as they host their second home game of the season after a smashing in their home opener. Chargers will face three of these teams again in the season as schedule puts the AFC West vs. the NFC West on the 2014 NFL schedule.


#SDvsSEA  Quick hits on annihilation

Chargers greeted by 67,615 of the #12thman at Century Link last Friday and were unable to stop the SB48 champs. Hawks were unstoppable; Seattle never even punted, not once, but not surprising when you saw the final score, 41-14 SEA. Run Bolts run, wasn’t a variable with 78 total rushing yards, but can’t stop the run was, as SD allowed 4 rushing TD’s by the Hawks QB’s, Russell Wilson with 2 alone, Terrell Pryor was only 1/4 in the air, but second in rushing to Robert Turbin and his 81 yards with 59 including a 44 yard rushing TD, plus B.J. Daniels also ran one in. San Diego gave up 243 rushing yards and 160 in the air while donning a 6.6 per carry average. Penalties???? 7 for 51 yards add 6 punts to that and its not going to turn out well for anyone.   Highlights of the game for the Blue and Gold, Kellen Clemens was 14/21 with 149 yards and took a lot of hits and got right back up, definitely showed his toughness.  Phillip Rivers was 2/4 with only one possession for 20 yards. Yes, Chargers didn’t play their starters for long versus the Seahawks duration, however I don’t think it would have mattered. It reminded me of USC Football when Pete was at the helm, I almost started doing the V is for Victory Trojan fingers automatically, you see I was reared a Trojan in the John McKay and  John Robinson era, a running back on the boys team because of Ricky Bell, Charles White and Marcus Allen. I’m also not a specific fan of teams, but players or personal, so this was a challenging game for me. With that said, more positives for the Chargers. If they can learn this truly valuable lesson and I do believe they have the right guides to help make that happen, this is a special locker room, a family, both on and off the field. I think this will bring them closer and also allow some passion to shine forth.   This team in the past does grow closer and stronger through adversity.  


Off to Santa Clara, yes Santa Clara the home of the new Levi’s Stadium. Raving reviews have been pouring on this beautiful new $1.2 billion home of the San Francisco 49ers, even some custom jeans, but with a little glitch in the $1.4 M grass. After an hour of open to the public practice on Wednesday, Coach Harbaugh took his team off the field to their regular practice field due to players slipping. Thursday re-sodding commenced with some reports that turf was also being replaced, per KTVU’s News.

(1-1) San Diego Chargers vs.(0-2) San Francisco 49ers kicks off as scheduled at 1PM PST.


Wednesday the team said, “We have determined the appropriate measures necessary to have the field ready for Sunday and look forward to hosting the San Diego Chargers.”


Turf is the least of these two opponents worries, game 3 of the pre is a big one, first cuts will happen August 26 (prior to 4 PM EST, clubs must reduce their rosters to 75 players). Both teams come into the game after some humiliation, and yes I know there just exhibition games but they have to be productive. Both coming into wk 3 with their tales between their legs, the Niners come in with one field goal between their first two games, an average of 1.5 pts per game. Opened up their brand new stadium, which is not in San Francisco (actually 5 minutes away from San Jose Airport) they were decimated and now perhaps a little tarnished, I know it’s the pre, but come on, they have allowed 57 points in 2 games.


Needless to say this is going to be a good one! Most of your starters will play at least the first half, if not more. This is the 42nd preseason game between the franchises, the Niners edge over the Bolts with 22-20 record, the last three games have belonged to San Fran as well. Expect this game to have a lot of passion, a solid game at least the first half of play and I bet more as players will be fighting to earn their spots on at least the first cuts. Expect SF to run the ball something they clearly saw SD struggle with, actually the hardship was prevalent in both their games, only that versus Dallas they were able to contain in the red zone. Both teams will be playing with much needed passion and chips on their shoulders to prove to themselves primarily and the rest of the league that they will be a force to reckon with, that and I think to get the bad tastes out of their mouths.

Watch for Rivers to play at least the first half and I’m anxious to see if Matthews plays or if there was a fumble discrepancy, penalties and to see the adjustments of the D, while I know Woodhead will always impress.  I too am excited to watch the players on the cusp fight to keep the dream alive!

Kick off Sunday!

18 more days till Chargers KO the 2014 season in AZ!

Cheers till next week!


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