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The thermometer read 90 degrees at Chargers Park but the Chargers players and coaches still had work to do. At OTAs in San Diego the Chargers wasted little time getting to work. OTAs mean that everyone comes it whether it’d be injured players, new players, old players, or rookies everyone is there.

Head Coach Mike McCoy spoke about QB Philip Rivers, “Well, as a staff and organization you are very fortunate to have a guy like Philip as your QB. The franchise has done a phenomenal job learning what we are doing and buying in to the change, this is completely different for him. The things he is doing out there are rare, he has picked everything up so fast. We have told the entire football team offensively we are going to throw as much at them as Philip can handle. When he tells us to slow it down, we will slow it down. But he’s a great leader and we are fortunate to have him. He’s going to have an incredible year no doubt. We are not slowing,”

Chargers 2012 breakout Defensive End Corey Liuget was interviewed by a local radio station, 1360 AM, and said, “months being away from football is way too long, we are ready to go and bring a championship to San Diego.” He was also asked who the vocal leaders on the team are, “Eric (Weddle) and Donald (Butler) are really vocal on defense and if you don’t do your job they’re on you. Philip (Rivers) and Nick (Hardwick) are the vocal guys on offense; they fuel the offense to keep fighting on.”

Donald Bultler explained the sense of energy with the new coaching staff and players, “Right after draft, with rookies coming in there’s a sense of urgency to see what rookies can do and what the veterans can do. I thought it went very well. There was a lot of enthusiasm, guys where getting after it.”
A lot has happened since the 1st week of OTA’s. The Chargers have recently added to their roster two guys that will really help this team get back to the playoffs including OLB Dwight Freeney (Colts) and LT Max Starks (Steelers). Freeney was signed due to the big hole left by Melvin Ingram who tore his ACL last week. Maxx Starks had been a guy that the Chargers brought in and was talking on and off with the team. A day after the Chargers signed Freeney they signed Starks, who is also expected to start.

Extra notes about OTA’s:
Manti Te’o and DJ Fluker both practiced with the starters. According to Coach McCoy both did a fantastic job and held their own. “DJ Fluker is a big guy he is physical and loves it he will get better when he gets the pads.” said Rivers.

Two Charger players played at different positions. Marcus Gilchrist started opposite Eric Weddle at Strong Safety and is said to have done a fine job. Jeromey Clary the Chargers long time right tackle started at Right Guard next to Fluker, King Dunlap started at Left Tackle.
The Union Tribune in San Diego is reporting that Coach McCoy is going to shield Te’o from the media stating, “We have a schedule for him and we’re going to follow it. We have a belief in what we’re doing, and the way we’re going to take care of our players.”

Eric WeddleTe'o and Ingram getting waterPhilip Rivers stretching DJ Fluker

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