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What would you consider a “student of the game”? Many may have their own definition for this saying. The common qualities of a “student of the game” could quite possibly include several things. Perhaps the definition is a player that carries his playbook wherever he goes. Or maybe it could be a player that stays late after practice, a player that goes in early to watch film or lift, a player that has proven to outperform expectation. Meet Keenan Allen newest student of the Charger’s game, a player who does all the above, all, while smiling.

This former Cal State wide receiver has made the official bolt to be a major player in the San Diego offense. Since being drafted in April in the third round, Pro Player Insiders has ran into Allen on many occasions. Each time Allen mentions that he is focused on his “student of the game” mentality. This mentality and all around skill will lead him to a more then productive future in the league. Allen has proven that he is an outstanding receiver that can catch into double coverage and use his speed on special teams if needed.

 Allen is getting his first taste of the NFL and he is enjoying every minute of it. Pro Player Insider’s Theresa Villano got some insights on the beginning of caught up with Allen to talk about his NFL journey (video interview below from Rookie Premiere).

“My journey here to San Diego has been amazing. It’s been very exciting. The fans are amazing,” Allen said after running through the stadium tunnel surrounded by 2013 Fan Fest attendees.

Head Coach Mike McCoy has talked about how all the players and fans alike have bought into the changes and the new regime. Players like Allen are exactly why the fans believe in the new direction of the franchise that McCoy speaks of. During camp and pre season games, Keenan has put in work and made the most of his reps while embracing the moment. Even moments when he remembers, there’s a few extra tasks for rookies. When asked about rookie duties Allen chuckled and said, “Yeah, I’m a rookie so you can see me carrying helmets off the field.”

Allen's first Charger Fan Fest 2013
Allen’s first Charger Fan Fest 2013

With a new offense to learn, Allen knows it is all in good fun because it is the vets (whose helmets he is carrying) that have taken the young wide receiver under their wing. “All of the receivers. They have been teaching me the ins and outs of the game,” Allen gratefully states.

Coming from the University of California, Keenan has had his taste of the west coast, but it’s definitely a big state. So far, he has put his focus on football and hasn’t found the time to do much exploring yet. “I have honestly done nothing, except focus on football. But I have enjoyed going to the movies out here.”

This all ties him back to his sponge like student of the game mind set. When he’s not on the field, the offensive playbook is attached to him like his shadow.“It’s actually right over there in my book bag where I dropped it off at the door.” And if you went back a decade, you might find a heavy binder filled with hundreds of pages, but he has his study material in a more convenient form, a far cry from the old standard doodling papers. “We have lighter iPads now so I can carry it everywhere. We can tap and take little notes (on our playbooks).”

Keenan is spending his time wisely, dissecting every aspect of the game.  He’s going to take charge of his own development and work to earn every snap.  As Chargers fans follow the evolution of this wideout, he wants to leave you with a message to keep in mind.

“Charger fans you can expect from Keenan Allen this season an exciting guy. I’m funny, I’m cool, get to know me. I’m definitely going to bring a lot of passion to the field, and off the field with my game, and I’m definitely looking ready and feeling ready to get out there and perform for you guys.”

 Keenan Allen debuts Chargers Gear

PPI’s Fire 5- NFL Lifestyle Questions Fans are burning to know 

Featuring Charger’s Keenan Allen

 1.    What is your favorite food or restaurant?
KA: Crab legs, I’m going to go with crab legs.
PPI: Crab legs? We will have to ask the Bolt fans to find a restaurant in San Diego with Crab Legs on the menu.

2.    What is your favorite clothing brand to rock?
KA: True Religion. I can’t get away from it. Shout out to True Religion.

3.    What was your childhood nickname or current nickname?
KA: Childhood nickname? I didn’t have one. When I got to college, some of the players called me Bee-Nan ( ask Allen for correct pronunciation). It’s kind of an LA thing to use a B instead of the K.

Keenan Allen with Pro Player Insiders Theresa Villano
Keenan Allen with Pro Player Insiders Theresa Villano

4.    If you could be a superhero on the field…who would it be?
KA: I already am a superhero on the field.

PPI: (chuckles) Yeah, what kind?
KA: Superman

PPI: Keenan Allen Superman? Mister KA? What would your logo look like?    

KA: A bolt of course.

PPI: Having a KA Bolt would look sweet. Can we merchandise this? Keenan Allen has his own logo in the works San Diego!

KA: Not quite done yet, but it’s getting there. I’m working on it.
PPI: I like that, you are on to something!

5.    You’re from North Carolina, where can we find you most while are you are in San Diego? 
KA: I think the beach. It’s probably going to be a place where I want to spend my free time.


Allen’s positive outlook and coined role as a “Student of the Game” ensure Charger’s fans that he plans to continue to learn ways to improve individually and as a proud member of the Bolt family. Everybody look out for @KAAdeuce1 because San Diego foresees a bright season ahead of #13.


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Keenan Allen with Girlfriend
Keenan Allen with Girlfriend

Keenan Allen Keenan Allen catch from Rivers

keenan allen 2
Allen working with youth in LA NFLPA Rookie Premiere


Keenan teaching future "Students of the Game"
Keenan teaching future “Students of the Game”

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