Chargers Ahead to the Black Hole

First shut out in the NFL, four in a row and down to the number fours, pink scattered throughout the field, players Mic’d Up, props from national broadcast and heading in to the Black Hole, I can here Ice Cube now, the difference the Chargers starting hot and proving their toughness along with admirers boast as they’re first in the division along with tied with 3 with the best record in the NFL, even history and throwback Thursdays in the mix for Raiders week.

Chargers ground the Jets and deliver the first NFL shut out of the season, new stars arise, the run is back, most concerns amended as the Bolts head into the Black Hole with much deserving media attention nationally to another wounded animal, this one has had a ball burial with new interim HC. Phenomenal illustrations continue to pour out of creative Pixar artist and Chargers fan Bobby Rubio, while grabbing the attention of all. Just as the Chargers gain national attention on the field by Inside the NFL with actual west coast football love and admiration of their toughness.

Chargers get their 4th consecutive win at the Q Sunday, with temperatures only reaching a high of 110. I was fortunate to also be at the game, fans were in playoff mode it seemed, as ranting, raving and chanting commenced before even entering the stadium. Total domination over New York 31-0, they got the run going and they contained the run, Geno was pulled at the half, surprisingly he started with missing team meetings the night before, Vick was fed to the lions, with no first team snaps.  Chargers stuffed the two headed Jets monster run, containing Chris Ivory and Johnson to a total of 68 yards combined, remember this was the number 2 run in the league, let me re reference was! Rivers was almost perfect with 20 for 28 and 288 yards, 3 TD’s and one pick, which defense recovered back immediately. Double Rivers to Gates TD’s has such an awesome ring to it.  Obviously Brandon Oliver made quite a hit with 182 all purpose yards and 2 TD’s, (116 on the ground and 68 catch and runs). Nominated and winner of  the Pepsi Rookie of the week.

His former HC of University of Buffalo, Jeff Quinn stated something special about this 5’6” undrafted free agent, “Don’t ever underestimate the power of a man…………You can see the spirit of a man in his eyes.”

Few more tidbits for you, Nick Novak one shy of tying all time record with John Carney with 29 consecutive FG’s. Jarret Johnson and Brandon Flowers were Mic’d up for NFL Films, you can check it on Inside the NFL or  Chargers welcome back Ronnie Brown to the squad, who after being released joins forces again with the Bolts after leaving Houston. Worries ceased in almost all facets, redzone efficiency, 4 of 5 vs. the week before 0 for 4. Third down conversions, 12 of 18 a whopping 66%, while keeping possession for nearly 39 minutes, special teams had all kinds of players in to return, that’s how often New York punted. However, the epidemic of injuries has not, even having fans send prayers via twitter.



#Throwbackthursdays flood my thoughts, N.W.A. specifically Ice Cube and a old school hip hop song Raidernation plays in my ears, even though this was when the Raiders were in LA, it has stuck. Straight-outta-compton-nwa-movieAlthough Straight out Compton was my favorite album. The Black Hole has a few more elements to throw into the pot, as new interim HC Sparano having a burial of the first 4 games, or specifically a 0-4 start as a whirlwind of changes have happened in the bay since the annihilation in London. The hurt animal or character of the icon, lending probably the most outrages costumes from fans and a dream for TV establishers. Regardless of their record or woes or location, this is a rivalry game, and a division game with history since 1960, largest victories Chargers 1961 (44-0) and Raiders 1967 took it with (51-10). All time results including the post Raiders lead 59-48-2, but Chargers have had the longest streak spanning 2003-2009, all for not if you consider Superbowls, that’s where the Raiders take the cake and the rings, with 3 Championships. Oh btw, first time college game attendee Katy Perry, may be playing the SB49 half time show. icecube-515x289 Chargers have an hour flight into Oakland for their first division game of the season. What they can expect from a Tony Sparano coached team, more physical, possibly the wildcat and a more commitment to the run. While rumors have hovered in regards to the friendship that Chargers HC Mike McCoy and Dennis Allen with confirmation that they have spoken all just amplified writers trying to find a noted story. Bolts have been coached amazingly all linemen on both sides of the ball have played all positions, all bringing the next man up motto to a flourishing result. injury108Injuries yes are the worrying note, but good news Thursday on the report some optimism, game status questionable for Rich Ohrnberger and DJ Fluker, along with Malcomn Floyd, Jarret Johnson, Cordarro Law, Darrel Stuckey and Reggie Walker. OUT;  Donald Brown (concussion), Ryan Mathews (knee), Manti Te’o (foot) and Shareece Wright (knee), the remainders are all probable.  No matter the record this is always a good game, good rivalry and dangerous one. Raiders are playing with nothing to loose, playing for all their jobs, from coaches to players to GM.  Should be a fantastic game and something always weird happens, division game on the road. Could be close regardless of the records, these games always seem to have many bizarre elements, but I have faith in this coaching staff and the players with this Chargers family.   #SDvsOAK Photo ©desireeastorga Heads up Chargers announced yet another sell out for the December 14th game vs. the Broncos coming two weeks after the Patriots sell out on December 7th where they will wear their powder blues along with October 19th vs. KC.  

One more note, this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, make sure to not just enjoy the pink accessories all around the field but to #Checkyourselfie, go check out my good friend and founder of to learn more while challenging yourself and friends.

Dynamite week wishes!

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