Chalk Up Another First Down for Larry Fitzgerald, 7th Annual Supper Club

Larry Fitzgerald is known for many things, he’s probably most known for flying up above NFL defenses and attacking the ball at it’s highest point. He has been with the same team during his entire professional career and is perhaps the most well known Arizona Cardinal of all time. He is the face of the franchise, a true ambassador of the NFL, yes… everybody knows Larry.Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund 2015

The coolest thing though, in my opinion, is that he has reached all of this fame and fortune but truly remains a humble guy. You won’t find Larry Fitzgerald show-boating as he crosses the goal line, and you won’t find him “at the club”.

If you want to find Larry Fitzgerald you basically have 3 choices:

1. You can purchase an NFL ticket. That’s a given I know, but he is well worth the price of admission.

2. You can become a version of “Walter Mitty” during the NFL off season. Larry travels, and when I say he travels I mean he travels the globe. There’s no telling where he will go, but you can bet he probably has his camera with him and a big smile behind the lens. With social media today one might even be able to track Fitzgerald’s whereabouts but he will most likely be gone by the time you get there because, as I mentioned, he travels a lot.

3. You can attend one of his charity events. Fitzgerald is a master at combing his rolodex of athletes and celebrities with mixing them with a good cause. Larry holds celebrity softballs games, football camps, appears at functions, you name it. He does much of this to benefit his charity “The First Down Fund”.


The First Down Fund’s Mission Statement:

“Larry and The Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund give significant gifts – in time, money and resources – to numerous organizations across the country. The Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund was established by Larry Fitzgerald Jr. to help kids and their families by funding positive activities for kids during the summer and throughout the year, supporting kids and families in crisis, and supporting health-related organizations that work with families.”

Most recently he held the 7th annual “Fitz Supper Club” in Scottsdale, a charity dinner and auction that has become one of the biggest nights in the valley of the sun. The food is always excellent and you never know who your celebrity/athlete waiter or chef will be.

Pro players Insiders caught up with Larry at this delicious event, along with some of people that Larry calls friends. We asked Fitzgerald what he enjoyed most about hosting the Supper Club every year.Larry Fitzgerald

“Well I just love the turn out. You got guys pulling up in Ferraris like P.J. Tucker (Tucker was litteraly pulling up in a very nice Ferrari), and the guys. You know the support I have from my teammates, it means a lot. I just want everybody to have a wonderful time and enjoy it, and raise some money for a good cause.”-Larry Fitzgerald

The attendees ranged from singers, musicians, athletes, and media. The Arizona Cardinal brass also showed up in full force, Head Coach Bruce Arians, General Manager Steve Keim and even the Owner Michael Bidwill.Bruce Arians_Arizona Cardinals

Bruce Arians has to be one of the coolest coaches on the planet. “B.A.” stopped and took the time to tell us what he enjoys most about attending Larry’s special night.

Bruce Arians, “It’s one of the top events in the country and Larry has always supported us so much. It’s just always been a pleasure to work with him.”

We also got the chance to talk with a couple of Fitzgerald’s teammates.Justin Bethal Arizona Cardinals

Probowler Justin Bethel, “He’s such a great individual, he does so many things in the community. Just being invited out here and being his teammate, I’m just glad to able to give him my support.”Britan Golden Arizona Cardinals WR

Cardinal’s wide receiver Brittan Golden gave his take as well, “It’s fun, I mean you know Fitz he gives you the last minute details, he let’s you know at lunchtime what you have to do at the event. It’s always good to come out and support your teammates.”

Starting punter Drew Butler was also in attendance, “Fitz has just been great. Obviously he is a leader in his community as well as a leader on the field so I’m always glad to assist him and help him out with whatever he needs.”

Butler also had a message for the fans on what it means to him on winning the starting position, “I’m just glad to be here. I’m here to help this team win games and I’m thrilled for the opportunity… so I’m excited.”

The atmosphere and vibe of the carpet experience was very electric. People were dressed to impress and everybody was having a great time. So I had some fun and asked several people a common question. Steak, chicken, or seafood? The meat clan clearly dominated at this event, no doubt, but there were a couple of other answers. Brittan Golden said he would choose chicken, and then came John Salley. The NBA legend had just mentioned he was vegan but I still had to ask, “Steak, chicken, or seafood?”

Salley’s response was the best ever, “I think they should all stay alive!”

Overall it was a magical evening. I think it is very uplifting to see so may people coming together in support of Larry Fitzgerald and his foundation. A true class act both on and off the field, Arizona is very blessed.

Photographer: Mike Yduarte

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