The Cardinals Charged Up.

After seeing the Cardinals square off against the Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday Night I was left with an empty feeling inside. Even though the Cardinals pulled off the win against the Chargers, I was left wanting more than what I was given. The first-string Cardinal Offense didn’t play much and the second-string offense wasn’t what I – or most Cardinal fans – were hoping for. However, there were some interesting moments (some good and some bad) that caught my eye in the Cardinals victory over the Chargers.


The Good:

-      David Johnson busted onto the scene Saturday Night against the Chargers hard-nosed front seven. It’s clear that he looks as healthy as ever – or he’s just looking for a new contract – either way I was a bit impressed. Like many other first-stringers, he didn’t get a ton of playing time, but he sure made the most of what he had – thus putting to bed a lot of uncertainty about his health.

-      The Cardinals were one of a few teams to come out healthy after playing a meaningless preseason game. It was a tiny victory, but a victory that not many teams can celebrate this week, so count your blessings Cardinal fans.

-      Don’t let the critics and nay-sayers confuse you. Rookie Quarterback Josh Rosen absolutely showed promise in his Cardinal debut, despite not getting many clean snaps of the football or even much protection, Rosen stayed poised in the pocket and delivered some promising throws versus the Chargers defense.

Josh Rosen in his Cardinals Debut


The Bad:

-      The Cardinals are clearly concerned for starting Quarterback Sam Bradford’s health. Only playing one series with only a single pass play has got to be concerning to not just myself but other Cardinal Fans.

-      The Cardinals Offensive line showed little to no promise of getting better on Saturday Night. In fact they look one injury away from being the laughing stock around the NFL once again, and if they cannot fix that then be prepared for a long injury riddled season.

-      The new league wide rule of not allowing players to lead with their helmets played a factor in week one preseason action. Early in the 4th quarter, Cardinals Safety Travell Dixon was hit with this new penalty and it has started an uproar around the league and personally I believe this new rule is going to change the outcome of many games this season. I believe the NFL got this one wrong and should reverse the rule.

Head Coach Steve Wilkes in his coaching debut.


The Cardinals travel to the Big Easy this week as they will take on the New Orleans Saints on Friday. In this weeks action keep your eye on the first team offense along with Rookie Quarterback Josh Rosen to see what kind of adjustments they make against a finely tuned New Orleans defense.

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